WWE Hall of Famer Lita was on the most recent episode of After The Bell with Corey Graves where she talked in detail about how her wrestling career began. After starting out in Mexico, Lita went to ECW and became Miss Congeniality. She explained how she was recruited to ECW by hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer.

“I heard they worked out in the ring before their shows,” Lita recalled. “So I drove with a girl that I would wrestle with, Lexie Fyfe. We would do the indie circuit, and we drove down there and sat up against the door we thought they were gonna start to bring the ring in. Whenever somebody got there, because nobody was there yet, we sat there and waited. Do you need any help getting the ring in? Hoping inch by inch. Do you think we could watch your practice? Do you think we might be able to touch the ring? Do you think we can get in it? Then before you know we were in there.

“Some of the guys from Mexico were there that I saw when I was in Mexico, and then next thing you know I was doing a springboard moonsault in the corner just with the Mexicans. Dreamer pulls me over, and I can see his finger. I was like oh, I was taking too much of the ring, and I shouldn’t have been doing what I was doing. I’m in trouble. Just take your lashings and apologize. He was like, ‘put together a five-minute match with that girl you just came here with. Do you want to tryout? We’re gonna have a tryout.’ I was like alright. Had the match and he was like, ‘we want you on the show tonight and come join the circus.’ So I did.”

When Lita went to WWE, she was paired with Essa Ríos, aka Mr. Aguila. Lita said that he was her favorite wrestler to watch while she briefly worked at CMLL. She also revealed that Rios was not originally booked to win the Light Heavyweight Title from Gillberg, but plans were changed after Christian was slated for something else.

“He was in Mexico at CMLL when I was going to shows, and he was my favorite,” Lita revealed. “If they were like, ‘we’re gonna pair you with Stone Cold,’ I would be like, ‘how about Mr. Aguila?’ So I couldn’t have been more stoked. We got started on by accident because they were gonna have Christian go up against Gillberg, who had the Light Heavyweight Title.

“They decided to do something else with The Brood that night, and they’re like, ‘alright kids, you’re up.’ That’s all we knew. So getting that last minute start on Heat with Mr. Aguila was debuting in the main event with Stone Cold to me. I made it. I’m with Mr. Aguila. We’re on Sunday Night Heat.”

Graves asked Lita if there were ever plans that changed that she wished actually happened. Lita talked about her match for the Women’s Championship against Chyna at Judgement Day. She says they were slated for two more matches on PPV, and they intentionally held back in their match thinking they would continue their feud, but that would be Chyna’s last match in WWE.

“When Chyna was transitioning from working only men to starting to work with women, she first went to Ivory and Right to Censor into a program with me, and we had one PPV match together,” Lita explained. “It was supposed to be a three PPV program. It was solid.

“It was OK, but we wanted to give people just enough to go, ‘oh, there’s something here. We want to see more,’ and we held back thinking we were gonna have two more matches, but that was the end of her time at WWE. So we didn’t get our program. I’ve been told this advice before. Any opportunity you have, act like it’s your last match ever. Had I done that, we would have had a much more memorable match.”

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