WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is apparently a big fan of EC3, who has now been appearing on Impact Wrestling after a brief and unsuccessful stint with the WWE.

While joking about the striking resemblance between EC3 and former WWE star Kurrgan (Robert Maillet), Foley opined that WWE “really missed the boat” with EC3.

“Have #EC3 and #KURRGAN been the same guy all along? Has anyone seen @Robert_Maillet & Ethan Carter III in the same place at the same time? Just one man’s opinion, but I think @WWE really missed the boat with #ec3,” Foley tweeted on Wednesday night.

Although EC3 debuted on the main roster following a series of vignettes, he barely made an impact during his time on Monday Night Raw. EC3 was frequently utilized as part of the train of wrestlers who chased down R-Truth in pursuit of the WWE 24/7 Championship.

EC3 was also among the large group of talents fired by WWE earlier this year in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak. After being released on April 15, EC3 completed his 90 day non-compete clause before dropping his “Choose Your Narrative” video.

Last Saturday at Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary event, the show came to a close with a video hyping the return of EC3. A few nights later, EC3 returned and violently assaulted Moose, the self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

However, EC3 might be planning on showing up in more than one promotion over the next few weeks, as evident by his promo and subsequent tweets.

EC3 tweeted: “I have no home. I’m not ‘back.’ I’m not here for ‘friends’ or ‘family.’ In reality, who I am, has never been here. ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘comfort’ do not interest me. This isn’t what you think this is. This is more. #ControlYourNarrative #FreeEC3”

You can see Foley’s tweet about EC3 below: