Naomi Responds To Booker T's Criticism On #NaomiDeservesBetter

As noted last week, #NaomiDeservesBetter has been trending on Twitter due to fans being angry with Naomi's treatment in WWE. Charlotte, actress Keke Palmer, AEW star Big Swole, are just a few people who agree that Naomi deserves a better run with the promotion.


WWE Hall of Famer Booker T shared on his podcast, "The Hall Of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore" how he thinks differently about the hashtag. He said that nobody deserves a chance and that they have to earn their spot on the roster. He also shared how he's tired of hearing about hashtags.

"They can go to hell with all these hashtags," said Booker T. "I'm tired of hearing about them. Don't nobody 'deserve' a chance. You have to earn a chance and your spot on the roster, this is not some kind of movement just to pull somebody up just because. I hate to say this because I like Naomi, but as far as the business goes, you get it on your merit alone. There is no buddy system. 'Well, such and such has a buddy and that's why they're doing it.' That might be true, but life is not fair. Sometimes, you have to make your own breaks and rise to the occasion when no one else thought you could. It may not happen overnight. No one expected me to become a six-time champ, but my persistence of going out there and performing better than all of those suckas in the locker room, and they knew it, and the fans saw something different."


Booker T went on to explain that he doesn't feel the hashtag serves Naomi any purpose. He said that she's more athletic than every female in the locker room, but is missing what can make her a true star. Booker believes that if he had a chance to have his hands on her for one month, she would look at the business in a totally different way.

"That's why I say #NaomiDeservesBetter, I don't think it serves her any purpose, people advocating for her in that way," he said. "The way that needs to be put out there is her advocating for herself and performing at a high level. When you do that, you cannot be denied. No one will ever say you were given anything. If it happened tomorrow, someone blessed Naomi with the World Championship, trust me, it would not feel like she did it on her own. I never would have wanted the World Title if it was given to me that way. Naomi is perhaps more athletic than every female in that locker room, but psychology and working are two different things. If I had my hands on her for one month, Naomi would look at this business in a totally different way."

Naomi did respond to Booker T tonight on Twitter.

She tweeted a Jim Carrey GIF and wrote, "Will do @BookerT5x"


Sasha Banks also chimed in about Booker T's recent comments. Banks called his opinions useless.

Banks wrote, "Don't feed into useless opinions, no matter who they come from. Keep glowing and shining like you always do. You aint got nothing to prove to anyone ??? #teambad"

Below you can read their interaction:

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