Natalya shared a sweet story about her mother, Elizabeth “Ellie” Hart, and Regis Philbin. As reported earlier today, the legendary TV personality passed away at age 88.

Nattie shared that her mom made a doll for Regis, which he later sent Ellie a note about how he loved her husband, WWE Hall of Famer Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s “evil laugh” and called her a doll.

The WWE star tweeted, “Here’s the doll my mom made by hand for Regis Philbin. Regis wrote to my mom: ‘Dear Ellie, of course, I remember meeting all the Anvils. It was a great day and am still a fan of Jim’s. Love it when he laughs so evil. Thanks for my doll. You’re a doll for making it.’ -Regis”

Regis Philbin was a celebrity guest at WrestleMania VII. You can read WWE’s statement about his passing by clicking here.

Below you can see the Nattie’s post: