NJPW Announces Upcoming Stadium Event And New Series Premiering In August

As seen in the video above, NJPW has announced an upcoming series of shows at Jingu Stadium called the Summer Struggle. The company will begin the Summer Struggle tour on July 26 at Korakuen Hall, running through August 16 in Shizuoka.

The announcement was made prior to intermission during this morning's NJPW Sengoku Lord show. Jingu Stadium has the capacity to hold 37,933 people, however, the number of fans attending will be lower due to social distancing being practiced.

NJPW has not held a stadium event since Battle Of The Summer on August 29, 1999. That event featured what was described as a no-rope explosive barbed wire barricade explosive landmine double hell deathmatch between The Great Muta and The Great Nita (Atsushi Onita). Muta would be victorious in that bout.

New Japan also announced that they are launching a new series called NJPW Strong, which will premiere this Summer. The show will be streaming on NJPW World starting August 7th at 10 PM ET.

Other than the start date, not many further details have been announced for the show. Stay tuned for updates about NJPW Strong.

You can see tweets about the announcements below: