NJPW Dominion Results: Tetsuya Naito Defends Titles Against EVIL

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Togi Makabe, Tomoaki Honma, and Gabriel Kidd vs. Satoshi Kojima, Yuji Nagata, and Ryusuke Taguchi

Kidd and Taguchi get things going in the first match of the event as the two trade moves back-and-forth into a stalemate. Kidd brings in Honma, Kojima also enters the match. Shoulder block by Kojima, but nobody moves, Kojima with the eye rake and shoulder tackle. Honma looks for a diving headbutt, nobody home, Nagata tagged in and he works over Honma with some kicks. Kojima tagged in, double shoulder blocks, machine gun chops in the corner. Honma turns him around and returns the favor. Kojima with more chops, lands an elbow drop off the top rope, cover, one-count


Taguchi heads in, tries for a headbutt of his own, pool is empty. Honma tries and lands one successfully. Makabe gets the tag and takes everyone out. Taguchi with a hip attack and gets Nagata in the ring, exploder suplex, but he eats a clothesline. Kidd gets the tag and hits a diving elbow in the corner, followed by a shoulder block, cover, two. Nagata looking for the armbar, but Honma breaks that up. Kidd with a dropkick, cover, two. Kidd locks in a boston crab, gets broken up by his opponents. Kidd with chops to Nagata. Nagata lands a big kick to the chest, cover, two. Exploder supex, crossface is locked in by Nagata on Kidd for the tap out.

Winners: Satoshi Kojima, Yuji Nagata, and Ryusuke Taguchi via Submission

Tomohiro Ishii, Toru Yano, and Yota Tsuji vs. SANADA, BUSHI, and Hiromu Takahashi

Takahashi has "Why?" written over and over on his arm tape in reference to EVIL turning on the group. Match gets going and Yano looks to immediately take off the turnbuckle, SANADA stops him. He tries again, Takahashi tells him to stop, he does, ducks, SANADA's attack and then finally undoes on. SANADA drops Yoru and rolls him around and around the ring. Yano yanks SANADA down by his hair and tags in Tsuji. He looks for a powerslam, no luck at first, shots to the back, tries again, SANADA reverses and then gets run off by Tsuji. SANADA with a basement dropkick to the knee. Every begins attacking each other inside and outside the ring.


Yano gets tied up in the bottom rope and is stuck. SANADA with paradise lock on Tsuji, setting him upright next to Yano, dropkick into Tsuji and he goes into Yano, knocking him out of the ring. Takahashi gets the tag and chops away at Tsuji, then throws him into the corner. BUSHI heads in and continues to work over Tsuji, until he takes a powerslam. Takahashi runs in and takes one for his troubles. Ishii makes his way into the match for the first time, lands big chops in the corner on BUSHI. BUSHI tries for a dropkick, does nothing, shoulder tackles takes him down. Yano capitulates SANADA into the corner. BUSHI goes after Ishii's leg and Ishii returns fire with a spinning neckbreaker. Takahashi tags in and lands a big shotgun dropkick.

Tsuji tags in, dropkick on Takahashi, then knocks BUSHI off the apron. Running forearm in the corner, shoulder tackle, suplex, cover, two-count. Boston crab on Takahashi for a moment, but he climbs to the ropes. Tsuji gets triple teamed by LIJ, triple dropkicks. Takahashi with a superkick, cover, two. Takahashi with a boston crab of his own and Tsuji is forced to tap out.


Winner: SANADA, BUSHI, and Hiromu Takahashi via Submission

Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Yuya Uemura, and Master Wato vs. El Desperado, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, and DOUKI

Suzuki-gun gets jumps right for the start of the match and things spill out to the floor. Getting back in the ring, team Tenzan tags in and out to keep the momentum going. Kanemaru with a distraction on Wat, but he gets a dropkick on DOUKI, then tags in Tenzan. More brawling on the floor. Back in the ring, Suzuki-gun works over Tenzan with a flurry of kicks. Tenzan works his way back into the match, suplex on DOUKI, spinning heel kick, then tags in Wato.

Wato with kicks to DOUKI and Kanemaru, then lands a flipping splash on both guys out on the floor. Back in the ring, springboard uppercut on Kanemaru, cover, two-count. Kanemaru, kick to the back of the head, reverse DDT, pin attempt for only two. Wato chops, Desperado with a poke to the eye, he hits the ropes and runs into a dropkick. Uemura gets the tag, multiple strikes, big dropkick on Desperado. Uemura brings Desperado back to his feet, traps the arms, Desperado throws some headbutts, Uemura with a big punch to the face. As Uemura hits the ropes, Desperado throws the referee in front of him, then punches Uemura, he lifts and plants Uemura to the mat, cover, 1-2-3.


Winners: El Desperado, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, and DOUKI via Pinfall

- Post-match, Suzuki-gun beats up their opponents a bit more.

Hirooki Goto and Kazuchika Okada vs. Yujiro Takahashi and Taiji Ishimori

Okada (with his neck taped up) flings his coat at Takahashi before the bell. Okada obviously wants him first, but Ishimori will get things going with the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Bullet Club gets the quick attack on Okada, but he fights them off with a kick to Ishimori and a DDT to Takahashi. Brawling out on the floor. Back in the ring, Okada gets worked over by Ishimori and now Takahashi, he goes for a cover, two.

Ishimori works Okada's neck, throws knees into his face, and goes back to wrenching on the neck. Ishomori tries for a springboard, blocked, Okada with a flap jack on his opponent. Okada tags in Goto, he runs over Ishomori and knocks Takahashi off the apron. Big lariat on Ishimori, followed by a couple elbow, spinning heel kick, back suplex, cover, two-count. Ishimori drops Goto, then beings in his partner. Takahashi hits a few boots to the face, reverse DDT, cover, two. Goto received a blood nose or lip from that exchange.


Goto tries for a suplex, Ishimori with a shot to the back and knocks Okada to the floor. Double team on Goto, but Okada gets in the ring and hits his signature dropkick on Takahashi, then launches Ishimori out to the floor. Gedo runs out with a wrench, he hits and chokes Okada out on the floor. Referee doesn't see any of this. Goto looks to finish Takahashi, Ishimori gets in the ring and hits bloody cross (lifting single underhook double knee gutbuster) on Goto, Takahashi lands pimp juice (snap DDT to a kneeling opponent), cover, and that will do it.

Winners: Yujiro Takahashi and Taiji Ishimori via Pinfall

- Post-match, Gedo beats up Okada some more, then sends him into the ring for his guys take flatten him in the middle of the ring. Bullet Club do their hand signal with each other and head to the back.

- Quick intermission as NJPW staff cleans the ring for the final three title matches. We see commentary and each person has a plastic shield between each other. Jushin Liger among the commentators for tonight's event.


Shingo Takagi (c) vs. SHO (NEVER Openweight Championship)

SHO tries a few shoulder tackles, but has zero luck at first, finally taking him down. Takagi up and goes back down via a suplex, cover, two. SHO works the arm, but Takagi gets the ropes pretty quickly, then takes a breather on the floor. SHO to the apron, penalty kick to the chest. The champion takes control of the match, both out on the floor and SHO getting sent into the barricade a few times.

In the ring, Takagi with a suplex, pin attempt, two. Taunting kicks by the champ. SHO up, both landings big shots, Takagi with a chop that drops SHO. SHO tries for a spear, blocked, DDT by Takagi. Takagi looks for a sliding clothesline, misses, SHO now lands a spear, two german suplexes, and a third one with the bridge for two.

Takagi with a big punch and even bigger lariat on the challenger. They trade lariats in the corners, misdirection by Takagi, saito suplex, SHO is back up and hits a deadlift german suplex! SHO with a lariat, the champ is up and lands a lariat, too. SHO with a kick to the head and both wrestlers are down. Back and forth shots in the middle of the ring with Takagi getting the best of that exchange.


SHO drives both his knees into Takagi's back, he drops the champion again, cover, two. SHO looks for another deadlift snap german suplex with the bridge, two. SHO tries to lift Takagi and gets back body dropped to the mat. SHO with a bunch of shots as Takagi is in the ropes. SHO mistakenly knocks down the referee and goes back to pummeling Takagi. Takagi lifts SHO and hits a double knee gutbuster, pump handle slam, cover, two. Pumping bomber lands, cover, one-count?! Takagi has been selling damage to his arm all match. SHO with a sleeper hold, Takagi drops down on his back, SHO with an arm triangle, Takagi lifts him up. SHO with a cross-arm piledriver, cover, two.

SHO looking to finish off the champion, kick to his bad arm. He looks for a cross armbreaker, Takagi stacks him up for a two-count, but SHO keeps the submission locked in. Referee checking on Takagi, arm drops twice, but not the third time. Takagi lifts SHO from the mat, death valley driver, and SHO is up for a moment, then back down. Back and forth punches. Takagi blocks a kick, drops a big strike down on his opponent's neck. Last of the dragon hits, cover, 1-2-3.


Winner: Shingo Takagi via Pinfall

- Post-match, El Desperado comes out and punches Takagi in the face while he was on the stage. He takes the title and smacks Takagi with it. Desperado taunts the champion a bit and heads to the back with the title, Takagi needs help getting up, but goes after him.

Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kota Ibushi (c) vs. Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr. (IWGP Tag Team Championship)

Tanahashi didn't even get his entrance attire and title off and he's already battling with Taichi. He stomps away at him before finally handing his items off. Ibushi and Tanahashi with some double team moves. Taichi and Sabre Jr. out on the floor, stereo dives by the champs. Back in the ring, Sabre eats an elbow drop and flipping senton by Tanahashi.

Ibushi beats up Sabre in the ring, Sabre calls for more kicks, Ibushi obliges and gets caught in a heel hook. Sabre continues to work the ankle, then brings in Taichi. Taichi jams his foot into Ibushi's neck for a few second, then wrenches on his neck. Taichi with a kick to the back that just seemed to annoy Ibushi, taking a dropkick shortly after that. A fired up Tanahashi gets tagged in, punches in the corner, dragon screw leg whip on Taichi. Sabre runs in and gets one, as well, he took a rough landing from that one though.


Tanahashi on the second rope, sunset flip, cover, two. Sabre with a kick to the back of Tanahashi, but he eats a forearm from the champ. Taichi chokes Tanahashi to the mat. Sabre gets in there and continues working the neck. Taichi back in, more twisting of the neck. Tanahashi finally gets some offense in and brings his partner in. A flurry of moves, ending with a second rope moonsault for a two-count on Sabre. Bunch of reversals, Sabre with a leg sweep and in comes Taichi. Taunting kicks by Taichi, Ibushi is up, Taichi with some fairly light chest and head kicks. Ibushi with a massive kick to the midsection and Taichi crumples in the corner.

Taichi with a big kick to the chest, Ibushi fires back with one of his own. Back-and-forth they go. Ibushi tosses Taichi in the corner, charges in, eats a kick. Both Sabre and Taichi get a submission in on their opponents, but neither tap out. Tanahashi dispatches Sabre, then gets a dragon sleeper on Taichi. Double elbow drops on both opponents. Ibushi hits a sit-down powerbomb for two-count. Looks like Taichi tried for a lowblow, blocked, big knee to his face from Ibushi. Sabre helps his partner out and locks in a rear naked choke on Ibushi. Red Shoes not doing much to get Sabre out of there. Taichi makes his way up and land a kick. Big powerbomb, stacks Ibushi up, two-count.


Ibushi with a kick to the head and both wrestlers are down. Tanahashi in now and keeping Taichi grounded. Sabre able to get the tag, tries for a backslide pin, nope, swinging neckbreak and slingblade by Tanahashi, cover, Taichi breaks it up. Tanahashi hits high fly flow on a standing Sabre. Taichi blasts him with a kick, Ibushi gets involved to drop Taichi, but then gets planted with a zack driver by Sabre, and everyone is down now.

Slingblade by Tanahashi on Sabre, he heads to the top again, high fly flow, knees up! He goes for the cover, Ibushi breaks it up. Taichi with the metal claw and he pops Ibushi in the face as the referee was distracted. He looks to use it on Tanahashi, he ducks, and smacks Taichi, claw goes flying. Taichi with a big suplex! Taichi holds up Tanahashi and Sabre hits a ton dragon screw leg whips, wrenching away on Tanahashi's knee. Sabre lifts up Tanahashi, Taichi with a superkick to the back of his head, Sabre drives him into the mat, cover, 1-2-3. New champs!


Winners: Zack Sabre Jr. and Taichi via pinfall to win the IWGP Tag Team Championship

- Post-match, they beat up the former champs a bit more in the ring. They put Ibushi over Tanahashi, then step on the two of them as Sabre Jr. and Taichi raise up the titles.

Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. EVIL (IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships)

EVIL out first ? with his hair down ? a different look from what we've seen before. Naito out, looking calm, as usual, but seems a bit sad still from EVIL's turn on the group to join up with Bullet Club. Four members of Bullet Club are at ringside and do Too Sweet with EVIL. Red Shoes then tells the members to go to the back. Red shoes gets out of the ring and just points to the back. It looks like he then threatens to disqualify EVIL if they don't leave. The members finally head off as the bell rings.


Back and forth action with EVIL trying to stall, but Naito having none of it. He gets after EVIL, beating him up out on the floor, driving his head into a table multiple times. EVIL eventually works his way back into the match, bringing a table to ringside and setting it up. The commentary who always had the mini scythe faces off with EVIL, but EVIL takes it, breaks it, and throws it at him! Commentator jumps the barricade and is immediately sent into the barricade.

EVIL beating up the champion, but Naito attempts to make a comeback with a string of moves. Inverted atomic drop, elbows to the back of the head by Naito. EVIL recovers and continues to work over Naito's knee. Both out on the apron, Naito with a neckbreaker, sending EVIL down hard. Naito picks up the table and moves it to a new location near the ring. Naito looking for a piledriver, EVIL blocks it. He jabs his finger into Naito's eye and hits a knee breaker through the table! EVIL goes into the ring and Red Shoes starts up his count, Naito gets in at 19. Looks like he's got a cut on his back from that table spot.


EVIL locks in a sharpshooter on the champion, Naito crawls his way to the ropes to break the hold. EVIL had taken off a turnbuckle pad earlier the match and whipped Naito into it, EVIL plants Naito, cover, two. EVIL looks for everything is evil, Naito counters, and slaps him in the face. Naito then flips over and plants EVIL face-first into the mat (esperanza). Back-and-forth shots in the middle of the ring. Big swinging DDT by Naito. He looks for destino, nope, but Naito swings EVIL into that exposed turnbuckle. EVIL is put up on the top rope, Naito with a snap hurricanrana! Destino hits, cover, but EVIL kicks out. Naito tries for another, can't quite get it. Naito swings down on EVIL's back, Naito is sent into Red Shoes, who goes back into that exposed turnbuckle. Jado heads (very slowly) to the ring with a kendo stick. Ishimori runs out, springboard sitting senton. Jado gets into the ring as Ishimori holds Naito. Takahashi runs to the ring and superkicks Jado then launches Ishimori into the corner. The three of them fight to the back.


EVIL has a chair near him in the ring now. Naito is up, he gathers EVIL, but EVIL jabs him in the midsection with the chair and then whacks him straight over the head with it. Red Shoes still down in the ring. EVIL picks up Naito, everything is evil, no, enziguri by Naito. EVIL sent into the turnbuckle, Naito on the second turnbuckle, reverse swinging DDT, cover, two. Brainbuster by Naito, destino attempt, EVIL grabs at Red Shoes and lowblows Naito. A man wearing a BUSHI mask runs out and initially cheers on Naito, then punches and chokes him with some kind of wire weapon. Red Shoes finally see him and tells him to get down from the apron. EVIL with a lowblow kick to the champ. Everything is evil hits, cover, 1-2-3! New champion!

Winner: EVIL via pinfall to win the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championship

- Post-match, EVIL steps on Naito and raises up his newly won titles. Man in a BUSHI mask does the Bullet Club hand signal with EVIL. EVIL gets on the mic and crowd boos. Masked man reveals himself to be Dick Togo. They start beating up Naito and Hiromu Takahashi runs to the ring to clear them out. Takahashi eventually challenges EVIL for his titles, or even one of them, EVIL doesn't give much of an answer and heads to the back. Takahashi then screams his head off in frustration as he watches EVIL walk off with his titles.