No Way Jose Debuts New Ring Name And Look, Erick Rowan Update

- Former WWE star No Way Jose has taken to Twitter and released a new video debuting his new ring name and look. Jose will now be going by "Levy Valenz".

"Time for a change #ControlYourNarrative#FreeLevyValenz#TheNarrative," Valenz writes alongside the video.


It's interesting to note that the "Control Your Narrative" hashtag is in reference to EC3's recent vignettes about being free to move on from WWE. Levy even starts off this new promotional video watching one of the videos EC3 has posted, and finishes the video by saying, "You've been warned".

"I am essential, I pledge fidelity to the destruction of my former self," Valenz says to the camera. "I am not my corporately mandated persona, I am not my material possessions, I am not relying on authority to tell me what is right and what is wrong. I will not let my value be based on comments, likes, or followers. I will not seek affirmation from toxic group thinking, I will not filter my authenticity of self. I am essential.


"I will speak my truth through words and actions, I will wear betrayal as a wound of battle, I will pursue vengeance with a primitive and relentless force. I vow to find freedom, I vow to find purpose, I vow to create something that will last. I am essential. I control my narrative. Free Levy Valenz. You have been warned."

- Another former WWE Star, Erick Rowan (now going by Joseph Ruud) is now taking bookings at He tweeted out a gif of a person disappearing and wrote the word "Banishment" as the caption.

You can see the full video from Levy, as well as pictures of his new hair, below:

You can see Ruud's tweet below: