Raven Says There's Talk That Billy Corgan Is Shutting Down NWA

Pro wrestling legend, Raven, was a recent guest on an episode of Hannibal TV. During the discussion, Raven commented on the uncertain status of NWA after one of their Vice Presidents, David Lagana, resigned from the company in June when sexual assault allegations were made against him as part of the "#SpeakingOut" movement.

"I think Billy is shutting [NWA] down, from what I hear," Raven said. "So yeah, and the thing is, Billy really does the booking. Billy does all the booking, at least he did with the Resistance Pro [Wrestling]. He liked me there to have my wrestling mind so I can say yay or nay to ideas, you know, like if they make sense or they don't. But ultimately, he was the final say on everything. As he should have been."

Raven explained that Billy has been "disillusioned" regarding the entire situation with Lagana and the NWA.

"I don't know, I heard through the grapevine that Billy is not opening it back up and he's disillusioned," he added.

Back in June, indie wrestler Liz Savage took to Twitter to open up about an incident involving Lagana where, she claims, she woke up to him reaching his hand into her underwear. You can see more about that statement at this link. Lagana has denied the accusation.

At the time of Lagana's resignation, NWA tweeted out the message, "Pursuant to allegations made by pro wrestler Liz Savage on her Twitter account, 6/18/2020, NWA VP David Lagana has resigned his position, effective immediately. As well all production of NWA content is temporarily halted, pending a restructuring of executive management positions".

Stay tuned for updates on the NWA.