As noted, former WWE star Sarah Logan announced earlier this year that she was expecting a child with her husband, one half of The Viking Raiders, Erik (Raymond Rowe).

The couple has now returned to their Wild And Free TV YouTube channel to reveal the gender of the baby. They also explained the origin of the name they’ve picked for the child.

“It’s a boy! We’re having a baby boy,” Sarah exclaimed. “The Rowe name lives [on].”

“It’s a boy,” Erik confirmed. “We had actually picked out names for whether it was a boy or a girl. And because it’s a boy, we are going to name him Raymond Cash Rowe. I’m named after my father who’s named after his father. He will be Raymond, son of Raymond. We’ve been calling him ‘Baby Cash’ just to, kind of, separate, because I was ‘Jr.’, and he’s going to have a different middle name than me.”

“I couldn’t think of a better name for my son other than to be named after the best man I know,” Sarah said.

Sarah looked back at the major milestones one experiences when going through pregnancy, and she says that each one has been gratifying in it’s own way.

“There are so many different milestones in pregnancy like you find out you’re pregnant, finding the heartbeat, finding the gender, now she’s starting to show, like, there’s just so many different levels and they’ve all been amazingly awesome. We was right, we called it [about the gender].”

Erik looks at their first child as a humbling challenge, one where he hopes to instill the same qualities he has lived by into his son. He believes that not enough people in today’s society are trying to steer their children in the right direction.

“I know that my dad was my first hero and is still my hero. And like, he was Superman, he was everything,” Erik explained. “I learned so much about being a man, and about doing the right thing, and loving your family, and providing, and protecting, and all of these masculine qualities that I embrace and make me who I am. They all come from my dad, they all come from my father.

“And that’s like a weight and a responsibility that I don’t think enough people in our society, and people today, consider, think about, and carry… It’s a big challenge, it’s a big responsibility, but it’s something that we’re going in together and on the same page.”

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