In a recent chat with SportsKeeda, former WWE superstar Shane ‘The Hurricane’ Helms talked about his upset victory over The Rock in early 2003 and how it was an idea of The Great One himself.

During their memorable feud, The Hurricane and The Rock, who was portraying his Hollywood heel persona, engaged in a series of hilarious locker room segments before coming to blows in a match on Monday Night Raw.

According to Helms, a number of WWE higher-ups were against the idea of The Rock losing a televised match en route to his third and final WrestleMania clash against Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, The Rock insisted that he put The Hurricane over.

“The Rock pushed to put me over,” said Helms. “It was The Rock’s idea. There might have been some other people that weighed it on it, but there were a lot of people in higher positions that did not want The Rock to lose, going into WrestleMania with Steve Austin.

“But Rock pushed for it, he thought it would be okay, he thought it would be a ‘shock the world’ type of thing.”

The Hurricane pinned The Rock with a roll-up victory following outside interference from Steve Austin. Although The Rock exacted revenge with a victory over Austin at WrestleMania 19, his loss to The Hurricane is forever etched in RAW history.

The Hurricane, who was also a part of the tag team Hurri-Kane alongside Kane, was last seen on WWE television as a surprise entrant at the 2018 Royal Rumble match.

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