Sheamus returned to the After The Bell podcast where he talked about his early career in WWE. He recalled a story that got out of hand where it was said that Yoshi Tatsu and Sheamus got into a fight where Sheamus allegedly got knocked out. Sheamus cleared the air describing the situation at the time.

“Me and Ted DiBiase Jr. are sharing an apartment,” Sheamus recalled. “Yoshi had just come over from New Japan, and basically the guy who he’s supposed to stay with, left him high and dry. So we took Yoshi into our apartment. Ted slept on the couch, and he took Ted’s room, we didn’t really know this fella, but everyone seemed to like him. So it was good. Then the situation was we’re on $500 a week, and he was getting an allowance or whatever, but he wasn’t paying for any bills.

“He wasn’t paying for any water, any cable, any gas and any of that stuff. Not only were we on $500 a week and we’re taking care of ourselves, we’re taking care of him. So we had a couple of constant conflicts whatever, and then it kind of boiled over one time. It was a bit of a shoving thing, and he took slap at me. I took a slap at him, and that was it. It was like two handbags me and him fighting at the each other.”

Sheamus said that it was not a big deal, but the news of the fight blew up after he had won the WWE Championship from John Cena at TLC. Corey Graves said that story circulated all around FCW, and Sheamus said that’s when he knew that someone was out to get him over being Triple H’s workout partner and rising to the top of WWE in a short amount of time.

“It lasted about 60 seconds, but it was just like a couple of shoves and stuff,” Sheamus described. “That was it right. So we’re like, OK. We got over. We all worked it out, and all of a sudden then, after the TLC match when I became WWE Champion, all these stories are going around that Yoshi Tatsu knocked me out. I was just like what? I was like where did this come from?”

“That was FCW folklore,” Graves added. “I think I heard it down there.”

“It was this thing that never happened, and it got blown out proportion,” Sheamus said. “I talked to him about it and confronted him about it. He goes, ‘no, no. I never said that,’ but it was just this thing that got blown out. That’s when I knew there was certain people out to get me.”

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