AEW star Taz took to Twitter today and responded to a fan comment on how WWE saved his career.

The ECW Original and former WWE/TNA talent made headlines earlier this week for taking a jab at WWE during his promo on Wednesday’s Fyter Fest edition of AEW Dynamite. As noted at this link, people in WWE were said to be upset with the line, which accused WWE of running a “sloppy shop” in regards to the COVID-19 testing and outbreak.

One fan gave a shout-out to Taz for the promo and said WWE wouldn’t be pissed about the “sloppy shop” comment if it wasn’t true. Another fan responded and agreed.

That fan wrote, “I agree to a point. #TAZ might be correct but IMO it’s an unecessary jab to a company that saved his career after wrestling & prepared him in a career of announcing. If Taz never had the opportunity to announce he may never of had his podcast & other gigs over the years.”

Taz responded and dismissed the idea that WWE saved his career after ECW, noting that it was a two-way street. Taz is appreciative of WWE, but he noted that they invested him and needed a fresh new voice on the announce team.

“Saved my career??? Lmao, NO! They gave me opportunity (which I appreciated & accepted) but you NEED to understand…that’s a 2 way street. I was supplying them with a need & providing my services. They did that to capiltize on $ invest in me & they NEEDED a new fresh voice,” he wrote.

You can see the full exchange below: