Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Evil Uno on the phone with Brodie Lee and says “Yes, I’ll do you a solid…” and smacks himself in the face with a stack of papers.

* Matt and Nick show up to a Chili’s, but find it’s closed.

* Matt and Nick talking about wearing masks and show the long car line for COVID-19 testing that’s being done at the stadium. Says it’s the longest they’ve seen the line, but they got tested and are good to go. Matt says the test results take about ten minutes and it’s terrifying because if they are positive they have to stay in Jacksonville for at least two weeks.

* Matt stretches in the ring and Private Party show up to say hey. They give him playful tap on the ribs and Matt is still sore from his injury, insisting he can compete. Matt says he’s fine. They say he’s lying, and he’s gone from being Christian to lying. Private Party says they should maybe get the doctor, Matt holds them back and Nick yells the “deadass” line, sending Quen and Kassidy out of the ring.

* Benigno Bodega talks with John Silver and Alex Reynolds about joining Dark Order. Bodega says they don’t know how to win, and passes on the offer. He then shoos the two away and says no refunds.

* Backstage, Young Bucks talk about Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon about staying a tag team since they need more in the division. Young Bucks then say to get them even more ready, they have to do a tag team quiz. The guys answer a bunch of tag team related questions, but don’t quite do well enough.

* Clips from AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest (Night 1).

* Backstage, Kenny Omega is hanging out, Colt Cabana sees him and wants to get a bit going. Young Bucks hide Colt and tell him Kenny isn’t right and is serious about taking out Colt. Matt and Nick say he’s getting back to that old “Cleaner” gimmick and may kill Colt.

* Hangman Page talks with Matt and Nick, asks them for a “Christian AF” shirt. Says it’s daring and controversial, but Matt and Nick don’t get why. Page says they know what “AF” means, right? They don’t, and rattle off a bunch of random sayings (Always Friends, etc). Page finally says, “You guys are dumb as f—.”

* More clips from Dynamite.

* Dark Order try to recruit Best Friends and Orange Cassidy. Trent and Chuck say all the group does is lose, even they beat them. Silver and Reynolds say they have a new recruit ? Trent’s mom. She walks in with a mask on and drinking Kool-Aid. Trent takes her away. Taylor tells them to stay away and leaves. They try Cassidy again, he then slowly pushes the Kool-Aid off the table.

* Kazarian comes up to the Young Bucks, talking in his weird southern accent, looking for Matt Hardy still. Matt and Nick don’t understand why Frankie is acting this way and say they haven’t seen Hardy. Kazarian heads off and Christopher Daniels walks up. They ask him about what’s up with Frankie, Daniels thinks one of Matt’s deities went into Frankie. Nick then goes into his Merch Freak persona and finds Matt to show him a magic trick. He snaps his fingers and is suddenly in his Young Bucks outfit and “Big Money” Matt does his “You don’t know how hard it is to be Matt Hardy.” Nick snaps his fingers again and Matt is now his “V1” gimmick. Another snap and Matt is Team Xtreme. Finally, we see “High Voltage” School Matt and then back to some more merch freak stuff.

* Nick, Page, Matt, and Kenny hanging out. Nick says they may have lost in the ratings this week, but “at least we didn’t put a spoiler up on Instagram live!” and everyone laughs. This is referencing an NXT star who posted a spoiler photo for this week’s NXT Great American Bash on his IG Live. They “cut” the video for the show, but keep on talking. Kenny asks if they think the fans will like it. Matt says it’s a bit on the nose and people in the comments will be like, “Don’t mention that, wa-wa-wa.” Omega says maybe they should stop taking cheap shots, but Matt responds “they make it so easy, man.” Omega asks Page about it, Page says he laughed for the bit, but thinks people will like it (he doesn’t really seem to care).

Omega goes to take off, asks Page if he wants to get a drink. Page chuckles and says like the drink he poured on the floor at the end of the show. Omega says it’s always been “us versus them,” and they’ve “Been talking s— ever since they came here. It’s always been our style of wrestling is better than yours. Trying to embarrass us.” Page is smiling and says, “They just brought us a drink.” Omega cools off and says maybe he could have just given it to Page. Omega continues if Page and The Bucks are cool with FTR, maybe he was just being an idiot. Omega then says give FTR a call and they can talk it out because he doesn’t want to start anything. Omega heads off.

Matt nervously asks Page if he and Omega are getting along. Page says things are “getting along okay, but not good.” Matt asks Page if things are good between the three of them (Matt, Nick, and Page). Page says he owes his career to the guys, and will keep doing the BTE bits with them. “As much as I love you, I don’t like you. I don’t think you like me either, and it’s fine.” Before heading out the door, Page says it feels like when you look at the back of an old yearbook and there’s a signature ? “Have a good summer.”

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