Recently on The New Day: Feel The Power, the reigning WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods spoke with Big E’s barber, Big Jay. Among many other things, the pancake-powered trio discussed the importance of hydrating your skin with lotion. Additionally, Kingston admitted that he carries, what he considers to be, a purse. The former world champion also believes he has the “perfect” number of bags and purses.

During the podcast, Big E claimed that his New Day brethren “admonished” him for using hotel lotion. After Woods said, “hotel lotion is just water,” Kingston chimed in to explain his disdain for hotel lotion.

“It’s just water,” Kingston echoed Woods. “Apparently, [hotels consider quality lotion too expensive]. They [are] scrimping and they really shouldn’t be. It is a shame when you see somebody with that hotel lotion. They use the whole thing! They just [squirt it] all over their hands and they’re just putting it on. What are you doing, bro? You might as well just lick your hand! Just spit on yourself. Just start licking your skin because in about five minutes, when it dries off, you’re going to be right where you started. Just go to the store, bro.'”

While explaining that Kingston has lotion readily available at all times and freely offers it up to people suffering from dry skin, the elder statesman of the faction admitted to carrying a purse.

“There have been times when I’ve been in mid-conversation with people and I carry around this little shoulder satchel now. It’s a purse. I’m going to call it what it is. I’ve got a lot of things. I’ve got a brush in there, I’ve got a pick comb in there, I’ve got dental floss in there, and I have lotion in there at all times. Sometimes, I’ll have two bottles of lotion in there just in case.

“And I’ve been in mid-conversation with somebody and I’ll see their knuckles, or I’ll see their knees, or toes, and whatever they’re saying just becomes mute and I reach right in my purse. I pull out this lotion and I’ll say, ‘Here.’ I’m not trying to heckle you or what, but you just can’t be out in public looking like this. There [are] people around and especially in our industry, we’re in HD now, brah! This lasts forever! It lasts forever!” Kingston concluded, “I mean, if you want to be ashy, by all means.”

When Big E expressed frustration over cold, dry weather impeding his skin game, Kingston suggested that the big man carry a purse as well. Moreover, Kingston claimed that he has the “perfect” number of bags and purses.

“Can I make a suggestion? You might not be open to this, but get a purse. Get a purse, bro. Get a purse! You can carry everything.” Kingston continued, “Look, I have a decent amount [of bags]. I would say I have the perfect amount of bags. Of all the bags I need, I have a suitcase that has all my clothes in it, my carry-on [luggage] that has my [ring] gear in it, my backpack that has my PlayStation in it, my purse that has my essentials in it. Recently, I just acquired another bag.”

Big E, who recently revealed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was on board with the trio taking a knee at WWE television tapings following the unlawful killing of George Floyd, claimed that he applies Vaseline Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly as his preferred lotion. With that said, baby oil has a place in E’s arsenal.

“We all use different kind of lotions as well. I feel like it’s a nice mix. I feel like cocoa butter goes on a little too heavy by itself. I like cocoa butter on live events. On live events, I’ll put some cocoa butter on. For some reason, on TV days, I like using baby oil. It’s a little bit different, but I feel like it’s viscous enough, but thin enough.” Big E added, “that’s my lotioning life.”

Apparently, Woods was so amused by E’s comments on his personal lotioning habits, that the UUDD host hoped the statement would be turned into an article. [Our pleasure].

“I am waiting for someone to take this, just this part of the audio, and put it somewhere!” Woods laughed. “Just put it wherever you want, [imitating E] ‘I also like baby oil.'”

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