Tony Khan On How TNT Feels About Orange Cassidy

Brett Thompson of ESPN recently spoke with AEW wrestler Orange Cassidy and AEW President and CEO Tony Khan about Cassidy's career so far in AEW. Khan talked about getting to know Cassidy and praised how intelligent he was and how much thought went into the character.

"He clearly had a following, but he wasn't somebody, when we started, that I was really particularly aware of or had real big plans for," Khan said. "[After Double or Nothing,] I spent a lot of time with Orange Cassidy and got to know him a lot better, and also talked to him about ideas, and that opened a lot of doors for both of us.

"I had no idea what an intelligent person Orange Cassidy is, and he is very, very smart. And really, I had no idea how well-thought-out this all was. He's multi-talented, he's a team player, he's tried to make other people look good as much as possible, and the most important thing above all else is his work is phenomenal. He's a great wrestler."

AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes has talked about before about how it's been beautiful to see his rise in AEW, and Khan has also detailed how AEW wanted to build up Cassidy. Khan told ESPN that Cassidy has been a big merchandise seller and has been part of highly rated TV segments that people at TNT love.

"He's become, organically, a big merchandise mover, and he's been in some very high-rated television segments," Khan revealed. "It's not inaccurate at all to say that TNT loves him."