WWE Hall of Famer Triple H has partnered with Motörhead for a new line of products, including a limited-edition vinyl album, apparel, and more.

The line officially launched today, on The Game’s 51st birthday. Triple H was close with Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister, who passed away in 2015.

Below is WWE’s full announcement on the new line, along with a look at some of the items:

Triple H and Motörhead join forces for unique product line

Not every WWE Superstar becomes synonymous with a heavy metal band, but Triple H isn’t every WWE Superstar.

Throughout his remarkable 25-year tenure in WWE, The King of Kings has won 14 world championships, engaged in countless five-star classics and led unforgettable groups such as D-Generation X, Evolution and The Authority to enormous success.

And he accomplished most of that while entering the squared circle to the headbanging sounds of Motörhead, including timeless tunes such as “The Game,” “King of Kings” and “Line in the Sand.”

Now, Triple H and Motörhead are once again together in the form of this new product line, available at WWE Shop. Among the smorgasbord of must-have products, the WWE Universe can find a limited-edition vinyl album of Motörhead’s “Evolution of the Game,” snug hooded sweatshirts, and eye-catching T-shirts to celebrate Triple H’s birthday in style!

Don’t miss your chance to rep one of the greatest and most accomplished Superstars in WWE history and one of the most influential heavy metal bands at the same time!