WWE 205 Live Recap (7/31): Swerve And Nese Team-Up To Face Legado Del Fantasma

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Ariya Daivari opens the show by cutting a promo from a boat. He calls out cruiserweight champion Santos Escobar for taking over the division along with his posse Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde, then running over the rest of the division like Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott. He reveals that he will be returning to action very soon.

Intro song (Hail the Crown).

Vic Joseph and Drew Gulak officially welcome us to this week's edition of 205 Live. Tony Nese makes his way out to the ring for our opening tag contest. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott is out next, followed by their opponents Joanquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza, better known as Legado Del Fantasma. Champion Santos Esobar accompanies them to the ring.

Tony Nese/Isaiah "Swerve" Scott versus Legado Del Fantasma

Nese begins with Mendoza. Tie-up. Nese applies a headlock but Mendoza quickly transitions into a hammerlock. Nese powers Mendoza him down with a drop-toe-hold. Nese hits an elbow, then follows up with a vicious combination...cover...only a one count. Swerve and Wilde tag in. Wilde goes for a waistlock and takes Swerve down. Swerve switches out and puts on headlock. Nice sequence of ground wrestling from both competitors. Wilde slows Swerve with a cravat hold...Wilde eventually slaps Swerve across the face. This wakes Sewrve up and he unloads a flurry of strikes over Wilde. He sends Wilde to the outside. This leads to Escobar and Swerve having a staredown. Commentary reminds us that Swerve defeated Escobar in the NXT cruiserweight tournament. Quick tags by Swerve and Nese...this leads to Swerve tying up Wilde in a submission. Gulak drives his head into Wilde's midsection on his next tag in. Double-suplex by the duo and Swerve makes the cover for two. Wilde gives his team the advantage with a back-suplex into a face-crusher on Sewrve. Double-dropkick by Mendoza and Wilde and Swerve is in trouble.

Escobar smiles on the outside watching his team wear Serve down. Swerve tries manages to create separation and bring in Nese. The Premiere Athlete runs through Legado Del Fantasma ending with a pump-handle slam on Wilde. He puts Wilde into the Boston Crab. Mendoza tries to break up the hold but Swerve catches him in an armbar. Nese hits a frankensteiner from the top rope onto Wilde. Swerve the one on fire now. He deadlift Germans Mendoza, then connects with his jumping drive-by kick. All four-men in the ring now. Swerve and Nese hit stereo superkicks, then take out Legaldo Del Fantasma with tope con hilos. Wilde JUST breaks up a pin attempt by Nese and Swerve. They go for a double-team but Escobar provides a distraction that gives his team the edge. Nese gets caught in a Russian-leg sweep/enziguri combo that gives Mendoza and Wilde the win.

Legado Del Fantasma win by pinfall

Swerve and Nese look on in despair as Legao Del Fantasma celebrates along with champion Santos Escobar. Commentary asks whether 205 Live will ever be the same after the champion's takeover.

That's the show friends.