As noted yesterday, WWE officials are reportedly very upset after Taz used the term “sloppy shop” on AEW Dynamite this past week, seemingly in reference to WWE’s handling of COVID-19.

EJ Nduka, who signed an NXT developmental contract in August 2019, took to Twitter last night to comment on the line Taz used during Dynamite.

“We don’t run a sloppy shop. Two endings. Two stories. Find out next week,” Nduka wrote.

The end of the tweet is seemingly referencing the major NXT spoiler that was released to the public yesterday from a fellow developmental talent. However, Taz was never referring to this in his promo.

If you would like to see that major spoiler, it is available at this link. According to Nduka, the photo could be different than how the spoiler is actually presented on TV because there are two endings.

You can see Nduka’s full tweet below: