A new WWE NXT Title belt will reportedly be introduced soon.

Wrestling belt maker @BeltFanDan noted on Twitter that the NXT Title, currently held by Adam Cole, is being replaced with a larger version of the same design. There’s no word yet on when the new look will be revealed.

It was also noted that WWE has had new SmackDown Tag Team Title belts since WrestleMania 35 in 2019, but there’s no word on why they haven’t used them. The New Day currently hold the blue brand tag team title straps.

While @BeltFanDan doesn’t work on official WWE belts, he was the first to reveal back in December that a new WWE United States Title design was coming. That was revealed on this week’s RAW by MVP, who will challenge champion Apollo Crews for the title at Extreme Rules. Dan noted on Twitter this week that the new United States Title belt is not 3D CNC milled like originally thought, as it’s the first known printed belt. Apparently the belt was printed by laser formed powder compound, which is a first for pro wrestling.

The new United States Title belt was apparently designed and produced by Michael Delaporte, while Wildcat Belts did the paint and assembly. The JR Leather Company (ZillaLeather) created the leather strap.

Stay tuned for updates on when WWE might reveal the new NXT Title design.