Adam Cole On Embarrassing And Humiliating Pat McAfee At WWE NXT Takeover, Moving On To What's Next

Adam Cole had strong words for former NFL punter Pat McAfee after their singles match at tonight's WWE NXT "Takeover: XXX" event, which Cole won.

As seen above, Cole spoke with McKenzie Mitchell after the show and asked how fitting it was to defeat Cole in his own world, after their recent incident on McAfee's podcast show.

"Well, not only defeat him but finally shut him up because there's so much wrong with people like Pat McAfee, people who run their mouths, people who think they know more than they really do," Cole said. "More importantly, people who come into worlds that they don't belong in. Tonight Pat McAfee walked into my world, at my event, at 'Takeover: XXX" and I did exactly what I said I was going to do – I embarrassed Pat, I humiliated Pat, and I let him know who the king truly is.

"So, now that I've finished with Pat I can move on to more important things to me, more important things to The Undisputed Era, and I'm going to smile while doing it. And that... that's undisputed."

Cole also took to Twitter after the show and continued to taunt McAfee for losing his debut.

"Pat you did brought your best, but your best will never be enough. My world Pat. My world. #ByeByePat #ThanksForComing #AdamColeBayBay," Cole tweeted.

McAfee responded with a "Damn!" GIF featuring WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons.

There's no word yet on if McAfee will be on Wednesday's NXT TV show, but we could see Cole begin his next program unless WWE has plans for the Cole vs. McAfee feud to continue.

You can see the full Cole and McAfee tweets below: