Despite spending nearly three years in NXT, Adam Cole says he is no hurry to move to the main roster. Cole, alongside Undisputed Era teammates Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, arrived on the Black & Gold brand at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III in the summer of 2017.

In an interview with TV Insider, Cole admitted that he is in no rush to move to either Monday Night RAW or Friday Night SmackDown.

“I feel like NXT is really blossoming into something special,” Cole said. “Selfishly, I don’t want to miss out on that. I’m really enjoying my time here and feel there is more for me to do. I feel like there is more for the Undisputed Era to do. As a group, we have been a dominant force in NXT.

“I’m in no rush to leave NXT. At the same time, do I think the Undisputed Era would be effective on RAW and SmackDown? Absolutely.”

Looking ahead to his match against Pat McAfee at the upcoming NXT TakeOver: XXX event, Cole says he has despised the former Indianapolis Colts punter since the moment he walked into NXT as a color commentator and analyst.

“[My feud with him] goes so much deeper than that altercation we had. It’s his whole demeanor and attitude in general. From the first day he walked into NXT and started doing stuff on the kickoff shows and all of that, he acts like he owns the place. Immediately,” Cole emphasized. “That’s what bothered me and others. He seemed incredibly comfortable for someone who was a guest. That offended me, and I think other people as well.”

In the same interview, Cole also addressed his comparisons to Shawn Michaels.

“Our entire generation can share this opinion that Shawn Michaels is the greatest pro wrestler of all-time to ever do it. He is the absolute best. So any time people make these comparisons, it’s incredibly humbling.

“Now more than anything, I’m focused on being the first Adam Cole and not the second Shawn Michaels. It motivates me even more to be the best version of myself. But you can’t ask for a better compliment,” said the longest reigning NXT champion in history.

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