AEW Dark Recap (8/4): Private Party Battle Butcher And The Blade, FTR In Action, Scorpio Sky Promo

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Tony Schiavone and Taz welcome us to another edition of AEW DARK. Taz and Schiavone have some playful banter, with the absence of Excalibur not being mentioned. Justin Roberts introduces Will Hobbs to the ring for our opening contest. He'll be taking on SCU's Scorpio Sky.

Will Hobbs versus Scorpio Sky

Hobbs nails Sky before the bell even rings with a running lariat. He follows up with a corner splash, then clubs him across the chest. Hobbs bounces Sky off the ropes and hits a big rebound spinebuster for an early nearfall. Huge cross shots to Sky's head. Sky dodges another splash...running boot to the back of Hobbs' head. Sky picks Hobbs up...TKO. This one is over quick.

Scorpio Sky wins by pinfall

As soon as the match is over Sky sets up a chair in the center of the ring. He calls the chair symbolic, "might as well be the throne." Sky calls himself the King of AEW DARK. "If you think this is my ceiling you are very VERY wrong," says Sky. He continues, "How many people have pinned Chris Jericho in AEW? One of them Moxley, the world champion, the other is me. I am tired of sitting on the outside and waiting for my spot at the table...maybe I should kick in the damn door and bring my own chair. Say the name Scorpio Sky...and get used to it."

Serpentico is out next for tag team action. His partner, Aaron Solow, is second. They'll be taking on the Gunn Club (Billy & Austin). The Gunn club hug the Best Friends, who are sitting at ringside.

Serpentico/Aaron Solow versus Gunn Club

Billy and Serpentico start. Billy blocks a single-leg takedown attempt. He wraps a waistlock but Billy powers out with ease. Huge boot from Billy nearly decapitates Serpentico. Austin tags in...Serpentico gets the better of him and brings in Solow. Huge forearms across Austin's face. Austin fires back with an arm-drag, then a drop-toe hold. He transitions into a headlock. Solow gets to his feet and shoves Austin into the corner...Solow nails Austin with a trouble in paradise kick. Nice tandem offense from Solow and Serpentico. Austin tries for an enziguri...Serpentico ducks allowing Solow to retake control with a sliding attack. Austin blocks a suplex attempt but Solow clubs him on the back. Austin finally tags out and Billy runs wild on Solow and Serpentico. He goes for the fameasser...Serpentico avoids it and superkicks him. Austin right back in...he surprises Serpentico with a hip-toss into a neckbreaker. Cover...that'll do it.

Gunn Club wins by pinfall

Another tag contest is up next. Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler make their way out, accompanied as always by Leva Bates. Both men are still seeking their first win in AEW. They'll be taking on the duo of Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela.

Brandon Cutler/Peter Avalon versus Sonny Kiss/Joey Janela

Janela and Cutler begin. Cutler bounces Janela off the ropes and he runs right through him. Snap German sends Cutler into the turbuckles. He knocks Avalon off the apron, then hits a running pump kick on a fallen Cutler. Kiss gets the tag...Cutler dumps Janela and follows up with a tope con hilo. Avalon and Kiss go at it now. Frankensteiner by Avalon but Kiss shakes it off and smashes Avalon's face off the top turnbuckle. Atomic drop, reverse atomic drop, and school-boy in succession for a close two count. Kiss drives Cutler and Avalon into each other. Janela climbs to the top...flying crossbody takes them out. Janela with a middle-rope splash...Kiss shakes his booty and hits a standing moonsault onto Avalon. Nice double-team maneuvers from Janela and Kiss, including a muta lock/dropkick combo. Janela slows things down with stiff forearms...fight spills to the outside where Avalon avoids a charing Janela and sends him right into the entrance set. Avalon targets Janela's arm...he tags in Cutler who applies an armlock...Janela chops Avalon away but Cutler cuts off Janela from making a tag.

Janela hits back to back mid kicks onto Avalon and Cutler, then makes a the hot tag. Kiss unloads a flurry of strikes onto Avalon, then follows up with a split-legged leg drop. Kiss brings Janela right back in...they go for a doomsday device...Leva Bates tries to get involved...this ends with Kiss taking out Cutler and Avalon with a jumping blockbuster. Avalon nearly steals the match with a mid-rope Russian leg-sweep. Leva Bates takes out Janela on the outside with Sliced Bread. Meteora and springboard elbow drop from Avalon and Cutler but Kiss kicks out on the pinfall attempt. Janela back in...Kiss and Janela once again go for their version of the Doomsday Device...they nail it for the win.

Sonny Kiss/Joey Janela win by pinfall

Women's division action is next. KiLynn King is out first. She'll be taking on the very bizarre Abadon.

KiLynn King versus Abadon

King goes to punch Abadon but Abadon forces her into the corner an lands the bout's first strikes. King turns the momentum and nails a running meteora in the corner. Abadon doesn't even flinch. She pops up and brings King down. Waistlock...King is clearly freaked out and tosses Abadon to the outside. Back in the ring Abadon slams King's head off the mat before screaming into the camera. King manages to land an elbow to create separation. She climbs to the top for a shotgun dropkick...she gets it! Abadon fixes her neck...King with back to back lariats, a roundhouse kick, and a German suplex...only two. Abadon connects with a very ugly spike frankensteiner...King cannot get out in time. Abadon wins.

Abadon wins by pinfall

Next up is a match that features two returning superstars. Jack Evans makes his way out first along with his partner Angelico. Next out is QT Marshall with Allie.

QT Marshall versus Jack Evans

Tie-up. Evans goes for a waistlock...Marshall grabs the wrist...nice sequence of chain wrestling ends with Marshall running through Evans with a shoulder block. Evans nails a break dance-esque kick. Marshall superkicks Evans in the gut, then drops him with a huge back suplex. Back to back forearms from Marshall. Evans goes for a crossbody...Marshall catches him and turns it into a vertical suplex. Evans rolls to the outside to recover. Marshall follows and throws his head off the ring apron. Angelico distracts Marshall allowing Evans to take out Marshall with a high-risk maneuver. Back in the ring...Evans sends Marshall into the turnbuckles with a hard Irish-whip. Angelico then grabs the referee's attention...Evans takes advantage and rakes Marshall's eyes. Marshall tries to mount a comeback but Evans applies a octopus submission to slow Marshall down. Evans tries a springboard attempt...he slips...Marshall picks him up and spikes him on his head for a nearfall. Tilt-a-whirl slam from Marshall...he calls for the Diamond Cutter...Evans lands mores strikes...pop-up forearm from Marshall. A close two count. Evans comes right back with a trouble in paradise and standing corkscrew moonsault. He climbs to the top...Marshall moves...and lands a combination maneuver. Allie gets involved...this allows Angelico to nail Marshall with a roundhouse, then Evans backslides Marshall to steal the match.

Jack Evans wins by pinfall

Angelico and Evans continue to stomp Marshall after the match is over. Dustin Rhodes runs out to save his partner and end the segment.

More tag team action is next. Griff Garrison makes his way to the ring, followed by Brian Pillman Jr. They'll be taking on FTR. Commentary notes that it appeared that Tully Blanchard was talking to FTR backstage.

Griff Garrison/Brian Pillman Jr. versus FTR

Harwood and Pillman begin with a tie-up. Neither man can gain the advantage. Second exchange sees Harwood grab a wristlock...Pillman uses his athleticism to escape. A frustrated Harwood slaps Pillman across the face...Wheeler blindly tags in and nails him from behind. FTR shows off their tag team IQ but Pillman fights them off and superkicks Wheeler. Garrison tags in...Pillman and Garrison show off their tandem offense. Harwood gets the better of Garrison and brings in Wheeler. Backbreaker/elbow drop combo from FTR. Taz and Schiavone joke about how Schiavone's hair used to look like Garrison's back in WCW. Pillman back in. Running lariat onto Wheeler, followed by a flying lariat from Garrison. Wheeler turns the tide by powerslamming Pillman on a springboard attempt. Boston Crab/leg drop combination from FTR. Harwood throws vicious uppercuts but Pillman counters one into a backslide...FTR goes for a gordbuster....Pillman pushes them out of the way and brings in Garrison but he runs right into the Goodnight Express. That'll do it.

FTR wins by pinfall

FTR has a quick exchange with Shawn Spears while celebrating their victory.

Main event time. The Butcher and The Blade are out first. Private Party is second. Here we go.

The Butcher and The Blade versus Private Party

Kassidy and Butcher begin. Kassidy shows off his quickness to avoid the Butcher's power. Butcher deadlifts him and brings him to his team's corner. Butcher hammers Kassidy in the midsection. Running shoulder block from Blade...Kassidy hits an arm-drag and a single-leg crescent kick for an early one-count. Blade counters a maneuver and brings in the Butcher who rag-dolls Kassidy, then drops a few knees on his lower back. Corner lariat from Butcher nearly knocks Kassidy out of the ring. Kassidy manages to bring in Quen...double-dropkick sends Butcher into the corner. Blade tries to run in but Private Party dump him to the outside. Quen rocks Butcher with a Pele kick, then hits a jumping enziguri. Private Party goes for the silly-string...Butcher is too strong...he backbreakers Quen. Blade tags back in and Butcher drops Quen right on Blade's knee. Double-shoulder block from Butcher and Blade. Blade nails a running lariat for a nearfall. Blade goes for a suplex but Quen lands on his feet...However he cannot get to Kassidy. He finally does and Kassidy unloads a flurry of stirkes onto Butcher. Jumping elbow takes Blade off the apron. Enziguri from Kassidy onto Butcher, followed by a springboard stunner. That takes the big man off his feet. Cover...only two. Kassidy ground and pounds Butcher...Private Party double-team Butcher...very unique offense by Private Party ends with a standing shooting star. Kassidy and Quen climb...Blade pushes Quen off the top...this leads to Butcher and Blade to hitting their finisher. It's over.

The Butcher and The Blade win by pinfall

Schiavone and Taz thank us for tuning in to another exciting episode of Dark. They run down tomorrow's card for Dynamite before signing off the air.

That's the show friends.