AEW Dark Recap (8/11): SCU Battle Butcher And Blade, Jurassic Express In Action, Rey Fenix And More

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Tony Schiavone and Taz welcome us to another edition of AEW Dark from Daily's Place. They run down the evening's lineup, which includes a message from Scorpio Sky ahead of his TNT title opportunity against Cody Rhodes. They shoot it over to Justin Roberts to introduce the first matchup. Lee Johnson makes his way to the ring, who is still seeking his first victory in AEW. He'll be taking on the Lucha Bros' Rey Fenix.

Lee Johnson versus Rey Fenix

Tie-up. Fenix brings Johnson to the mat then goes for a chinlock. Johnson manages to reverse the pressure...he lets Fenix up and both men reset. Pace picks up...several kicks from Fenix miss as Johnson is able to keep up with Fenix's speed step for step. Fenix offers him a handshake...Johnson takes the bait and eats a strike because of it. Now in control...Fenix pounds Johnson on the ropes. Fight spills to the outside...huge chop from Fenix. He drives Johnson into the barricade. Huge kick and Johnson is in trouble early on. Back in the ring Fenix nails a single-leg dropkick. Fenix dumps Johnson to the apron and hits a spin kick to his face. Johnson finally mounts some offense...a flurry of strikes ending with a standing lariat. Johnson charges Fenix in the corner...he goes for a springboard dropkick...he gets it! Cover...only one. Johnson keeps the pressure on with a running lariat. Blue-Thunder bomb for by Johnson for a nearfall. Superkick from Johnson but Fenix pops right back up and nails one of his own. Anothe roundhouse, followed by a muscle-buster driver. It's over.

Rey Fenix wins by pinfall

Footage plays of Scorpio Sky's promo from last week's show spliced with his dominance on DARK since the program began. He says he wants his spot at the table, and looks to make himself known on tomorrow's Dynamite.

Alex Chamberlain, who is making his AEW debut, is out for our next singles-contest. He'll be taking on Shawn Spears. Tully Blanchard accompanies Spears to the ring as always.

Shawn Spears versus Alex Chamberlain

Tie-up. Chamberlain forces Spears into the corner...referee calls for the break. Spears uses the opening to bring Chamberlain to the mat with a side-headlock takedown. After a sequence of running the ropes Spears slows the action down with a hard chop. Chamberlain shakes it off and runs through him with a shoulder block. Spears rolls to the outside, where Blanchard gives him a quick pep-talk. Spears baits Chamberlain to the outside and presses his head off the ringpost. Huge knee from Spears nearly knocks Chamberlain out. He begins targeting the arm...Chamberlain hits a standing lariat to break free. Spears slides to the outside again, then trips Chamberlain back in the ring. Slingshot stomp, followed by the running DVD. That'll do it.

Shawn Spears wins by pinfall

After the match Spears tosses Chamberlain to the outside. Blanchard gives him a piece of metal, which Spears places in his black glove...he stalks Chamberlain on the outside and strikes him hard. Commentary remind us that Spears has been on quite a winning streak on DARK.

Tag team action is next. M'Badu is out first, followed by his partner Shawn Dean. They'll be taking on the Gunn Club (Billy and Austin Gunn).

M'Badu/Shawn Dean versus Gunn Club

Austin begins with Dean. Tie-up. Wristlock from Austin. Dean breaks free and hits a flush dropkick that takes Austin off his feet. Irish-whip...Austin pops over but Dean dodges a running knee. Austin kicks out Dean's leg, then applies a chinlock to slow the action down. He tags in Billy...nice tandem offense from the Gunn Club. Dean escapes Billy's grip and tags in M'Badu. He and Billy square off...they tie-up. M'Badu pushes Billy into the corner with ease. Billy removes his shirt and locks-up with M'Badu again. Billy tries running through him with a shoulder block but M'Badu is too big. He goes for another...Billy ends up falling down from the impact. Billy kicks M'Badu in the gut...big elbow in return from M'Badu. Jumping lariat and Billy is in trouble. Dean tags in...standing enziguri takes Billy down. Cover...two count. M'Badu back in...he grabs a headlock...Billy elbows his way out, then drops M'Badu with a DDT. Austin gets the hot tag...he dumps M'Badu over the ropes and turns his attention to Dean. Pump-handle slam...M'Badu breaks it up but Billy takes him out. This leaves Austin open to hit the hip-toss/neckbreaker combo for the win.

Gunn Club win by pinfall

Michael Stevens is out next. This is also his AEW debut. He'll be taking on Kip Sabian, who is accompanied to the ring by Penelope Ford.

Michael Stevens versus Kip Sabian

Tie-up...neither man budges so they both release their grip. Stevens struts around for a moment before they tie-up again. Sabian applies a full-nelson, then switches to a cravat. Snapmare...he goes for a PK but instead pats Stevens on the head before kissing Penelope through the ropes. Stevens hits a shoulder bump then goes toward Penelope. Sabian doesn't like that...he nails a running dropkick that sends Stevens to ringside. Back in the ring...Sabian stomps Stevens down in the corner. Pop-up knee from Sabian, followed by a discus punch. Stevens manages to land a few strikes but Sabian drops him again with a knee strike and a PK in succession. Sabian misses a a charge...Stevens hits an enziguri. Facebuster, punt kick, and a quick flatliner from Stevens for a nearfall. He goes for a TKO...Sabian counters...tornado DDT. Sabian sets Stevens up...swinging neckbreaker off the ropes...that'll do it

Kip Sabian wins by pinfall

An advertisement for the AEW Heels plays with voice-over commentary from Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes. Clips of the women's division throughout AEW play.

Another tag team contest coming up next. Griff Garrison is out first. Brian Pillman Jr. second. They'll be taking on Private Party.

Griff Garrison/Brian Pillman Jr. versus Private Party

Pillman begins with Kassidy. Action as expected starts quickly. Pillman hits a shoulder block...Kassidy and Pillman shows off their incredible speed...dropkick from Kassidy. He puts on a headlock and tags in partner Quen. Quen slingshots over with an axe-handle. Quick tags from Private Party...they wear Pillman down. Garrison tries to get involved but Pillman tells him to return to the corner. Atomic drop/Enziguri combo from Private Party. They continue to hit a series of unique double-team maneuvers. Pillman tries to get to his corner but he gets sent into the barricade instead. Kassidy goes for a suicide dive...Pillman rocks him with an uppercut and a boot to the head. He smashes Kassidy's face off Garrison's boot and finally tags him in. Garrison unloads right hands into Kassidy's gut. Huge big boot nearly decapitates Kassidy. Pillman right back in. Garrison splashes Kassidy in the corner, then Pillman fakes a dropkick and slaps him across the head. Quen finally gets tagged in. Leaping kick onto Garrison...he knocks Pillman off the apron...a series of high-risk maneuvers from Quen gives Private Party the advantage. Splash and leg drop combination onto Garrison...he cannot kick out.

Private Party win by pinfall

Six-man tag action is next. Pineapple Pete, Corey Hollis and Aaron Solow are out first. They'll be squaring off against the Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, Mark Stunt).

Pineapple Pete/Corey Hollis/Aaron Solow versus Jurassic Express

Stunt begins with Solow. Solow tosses him to the mat with ease on their tie-up. Solow mocks Stunt by going down to his knees but Stunt superkicks him. Luchasaurus in. He unloads huge clubbling blows, then drives him into the mat with a running powerslam. Pete and Hollis jump in...Luchasaurus disposes them easily. Solow lands a kick to slow the big man down...he fires a snap roundhouse right back. Jungle Boy tags in...triple-team from the Jurassic Express almost nets them the win early. Jungle Boy counters a hip-toss into an arm submission. He tries a high-risk off the ropes but Hollis pushes out his legs from the outside. Solow keeps the pressure on with a standing double-stomp onto Jungle Boy's cut. Pete in now. He jabs Jungle Boy and winds up for a haymaker...Jungle Boy nails an enziguri and a lariat to create separation. Stunt gets the tag...he somehow gets the best of all three opponents...Pete gets trapped in the ropes and Stunt is able to Razor's Edge him out. Solow quickly breaks it up and eats a big kick from Luchasaurus. Jurassic Express isolate Pete away from his teammates...450 from Stunt...and this one is over.

Jurassic Express wins by pinfall

Out next is Jack Evans and Angelico, also known as the Hybrid-2. Natural Nightmares are out next along with Allie and Brandi Rhodes. Rhodes is carrying the new AEW Unrivaled action figures of herself.

Hybrid-2 versus Natural Nightmares

Marshall and Angelico begin. Marshall yanks at Angelico's arm. Angelico reverses the pressure but Marshall brings him to the mat with a headlock. Marshall fakes Angelico out, then hits a dropkick. Evans and Dustin tag in. Evans throws a series of wild kicks that Dustin easily avoids...huge right hand sends Evans to the mat. Marshall tags in...double-team from the Natural Nightmares ends with Marshall landing a standing shooting star. Dustin sits down on Evans and pulls back on the arm. Evans whips Dustin to the ropes...he instead slingshots in Marshall. Angelico distracts the referee allowing Evans to rake the eyes of Marshall and give the Hybrid-2 the advantage. Angelico applies a modified armbar near his team's corner. He eventually lets go and strikes Marshall down in the corner. Marshall avoids a splash from Angelico and crawls to make a tag...Evans just breaks it up. However Marshall crawls under Evans' legs and brings Dustin in. He runs through Evans and Angelico with ease. Snap powerslam to both men. Dustin climbs to the top...whisper in the wind...he goes for a Canadian destroyer...Angelico kicks him in the back. Marshall rocks Evans with a pop-up forearm. Dustin follows up with the final cut. It's over.

Natural Nightmares win by pinfall

Women's division action is next. Rachael Ellering is out first, followed by her opponent...Penelope Ford. Much like earlier...Sabian accompanies Ford to the ring.

Penelope Ford versus Rachael Ellering

Ford and Ellering trade headscissor holds...Ford jumps to her feet and taunts Ellering by posing. Ellering grabs a waist-lock...she powers Ford to the mat and drives her knee into her arm. Pace picks up...Ellering rocks Ford with a running uppercut. She goes for a Kiwi-crusher but Ford blocks it and boots Ellering across the face. Sabian grabs a leaf-blower on the outside...he teases using it but eventually does not. Ford lands a few more boots onto Ellering. Ford sets up for her Fisherman suplex finisher...Ellering blocks it and hits a suplex of her own. Pump kick and sleeper drop from Ellering. She unloads chops onto Ford, then whips her down into the mat. Running senton for a close two. Ford comes off the ropes...handspring cutter gives her the advantage once again. She eventually hits the Fisherman's suplex for the victory.

Penelope Ford wins by pinfall

Main event time. Butcher and The Blade make their way to the ring first. SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) are out second. Here we go.

SCU versus Butcher and The Blade

Kazarian and Blade begin. Tie-up...neither man can gain the advantage. They both show an immense amount of aggression as Kazarian finally gains the advantage. Blade hits an elbow and puts on a headlock of his own. Kazaria picks Blade up but can't break free from his grip. Shoulder block from Blade...he screams insults at Kazarian...Kazarian responds with a vicious combo ending in a discus lariat. Spinning leg lariat drops Blade. Kazarian brings in Daniels...nice tandem offense from SCU. Blade is able to separate away from Daniels and brings in Butcher. Butcher instantly gains the advantage for his team with some power offense. Butcher bearhugs Daniels, then tags in Blade who runs through him with a lariat. Daniels tags in Kazarian...SCU takes out both Butcher and Blade with a series of double-team maneuvers. Snap suplex from Kazarian. The heels once again isolate and work over the smaller Daniels, and nearly win the match with a side-suplex/leg-drop combination. Kazarian hits a springboard leg-drop of his own. SCU hits their scoop powerbomb combo but Blade kicks out. Daniels tries the Angels Wings...he can't get it...he instead uranagis Blade. Butcher comes in and runs through Daniels. He and Blade land their suplex lungblower for the upset win.

Butcher and The Blade win by pinfall

Schiavone and Taz thank us for tuning into Dark. They run down the card for tomorrow's Dynamite on TNT, which includes Scorpio Sky challenging Cody Rhodes for the TNT title.

That's the show friends.