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– Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross, and Taz handling commentary. Justin Roberts holding down ring announcing duties.

The Young Bucks vs. Grayson and Evil Uno

During Matt and Nick’s entrance Dark Order members show up and attack the brothers. Uno and Grayson then make their way out to the ring as the match gets going. Uno goes right to work on Nick as the other four Dark Order members hang out on the stage. Grayson chops away at Nick, gets tossed to the floor. Referee is distracted while Dark Order minions attack Nick. Matt with a big senton off the stage on the group, but then takes a suicide dive from Grayson.

Back in the ring, Uno beats up Nick, then brings Grayson back in. Nick takes some more damage, but finally tags Matt and he goes to work on both opponents. He decides to bring Nick back in, double team moves on both Grayson and Uno. Uno with a big german suplex on Matt, leg drop, cover, two. Grayson back in, hits a senton on Matt while he’s on the apron.

Uno and Matt swing away in the middle of the ring. Uno gets a thumb to the eye while the referee gets rid of some loose wrist tape. Grayson in there now, Matt swings away, but then eats a dropkick that sends him out to the floor. Uno drives Matt into the apron, tosses him in the ring, Grayson with the cover, two. Uno swings away on Matt, Grayson pulls Matt out to the floor, but Matt throws him into the ring post. Dark Order surrounds Matt, he goes under the ring and comes out on a different side. Back in the ring, Uno hits a cutter. Matt hits a big spear and looks to tag out, but Uno tags in Grayson who then knocks Nick off the apron. Uno comes back in and hits a big boot on Matt. Grayson looks for a suplex, Matt counters with a poisonrana, and tags in Matt. He hits a flurry of attacks on both opponents. Grayson is taken care off with a suplex. Matt tagged in, and the brothers put him down. Matt and Nick hit risky business, cover, two.

Young Bucks try for a double superkick, Grayson helps Uno then nails a hurricanrana on Matt, knee to Nick, then suplexes Nick on Matt. Dark Order hits yin and yang, cover, two. Uno tags in, 540 kick / brainbuster combo, cover, Matt saves the match. Grayson swings away on Matt and tosses him out to the ramp. Grayson brings him up to the stage and throws him to the back. He tells the rest of Dark Order to block the tunnel. Grayson and Uno look for fatality, Nick with ducks it, rolls up Uno for the 1-2-3 before Grayson can break it up.

Winners: The Young Bucks via Pinfall

– Backstage, Wardlow pounds on the door to bring out MJF. MJF makes his way through the hallway with his campaign crew following behind. One guy gets slightly ahead, MJF shoves him to the side and says to stay out of his shot.

– AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida in action tonight. AEW World Champion Jon Moxley also will appear live.

– Hangman Page and Kenny Omega say who their favorite tag teams of all-time. Omega picks The Young Bucks, Page says he was going to say himself and Omega.

– MJF heads out to the ring (which now has a red carpet and a podium) with his campaign crew. MJF first goes to commentary shakes hands with Taz and JR, but not Tony. In the ring, MJF goes to talk, notices Nina isn’t smiling and tells her to smile! Nina shows off some polling numbers, MJF is currently beating Moxley 500% to -1000%. MJF says he cares about the fan’s well being, and he mourns for their belief in their leader for Dictator Jon. MJF says Moxley would care about the people, if he was here tonight. MJF says he’ll always be here though. He thinks Moxley isn’t here because he’s afraid of change and because of MJF.

MJF says he wants Moxley to feel comfortable enough to show up to his job. MJF then lays down on the mat and says “is this better Jon? You in your comfort zone?” He continues that this company deserves quality leadership, Moxley might be a great wrestlers, but is no lead. He calls Moxley a rabid dog. He thinks it’s time for Moxley to fork the keys over to someone who is better than him because everyone knows that “we deserve better.” Moxley’s music then hits.

MJF then sends all of his people out to the stands to cut Moxley off, since he usually comes through the crowd. MJF stays in the ring, Moxley now is coming out through the entrance way! He attacks MJF from behind and swings away. He then throws MJF into the podium, paradigm shift, and Moxley heads back the way he came. MJF’s goons finally make their way back to the ring. Backstage, Moxley grabs the mic and says they aren’t even close to being even until at All Out when Moxley shows MJF some humility.

– Last week, Sammy Guevara threw a chair into Matt Hardy’s head, busting him open badly. Guevara then put Hardy through a table. Alex Marvez talks with Matt Hardy, says he needed 13 stitches, and will need to take 10 days off until he’s medically cleared. Matt says he’s doing fine though because he doesn’t die. Matt says ten days is perfect timing since next week’s Dynamite is on Saturday (due to Dynamite being switched up that week). Matt says he’s not going to wait until then, he’s going to hang around tonight to end Sammy. Matt then thinks he sees someone that looks like Sammy and throws him into a garage door, but it’s not him, it’s another referee.

Cody with Arn Anderson and Brandi Rhodes (c) vs. Scorpio Sky (AEW TNT Championship)

Cody (with his completed championship) heads to the ring with The Nightmare Family, but most head to the back once the match gets started. Former WWE referee Mike Chioda is reffing the match. Back and forth action to get things started. Leap frogs by both wrestlers, Cody goes for a leap, Sky dodges it and Cody flies out to the floor.

Shoulder block by Sky, Cody doesn’t go anywhere, then flexes on Sky. Cody then ends up sending Sky out to the floor over the top rope. Cody returns the favor and offers to hold open the ropes for Sky. Scorpio goes to another sides of the ring and goes in. Cody with a big clothesline and now both guys end up out on the floor. Sky hangs Cody rib first over the top rope. Sky continues to work over Cody, yanking him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Sky with an abdominal stretch, Cody counters, then gets sent to the ramp. Sky with a slingshot cutter, cover, two.

Sky’s lower back is now bother him as he tries for a suplex and can’t pull it off. Sky put on the top rope, Cody follows, superplex on Sky, but Sky locks up the legs for a two-count. Sky looks for TKO, no, Cody hits cross rhodes, cover, two! Cody is a bit shocked after that. Cody looks for a piledriver, counter, Sky drops Cody face-first to the mat, cover, two-count. Sky heads to the apron, slingshot cutter attempt, no, Cody hits cross rhodes again, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Cody via Pinfall

– Post-match, Brodie Lee (holding the old TNT Championship) shows up on the big screen and says on Saturday August 22, something big is coming. Lee says some other members of The Elite have been taken out, now it’s time for Lee to put down Cody. Lee says he’s going to take the title out of Cody’s hands and give him back the old, incomplete championship.

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega (c) vs. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus with Marko Stunt (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Frankie Kazarian is looking on from the crowd. Omega and JB gets things started. Omega not doing a clean break as they get to the ropes. Stunt gets up on the apron to bark at Omega, and then gets slapped at by Omega. JB goes to work on Omega, springboard arm drag. Omega then takes a dropkick, cover, one-count. Luchasaurus in the match, drops Omega, cover, two. Omega fires back with some punches and chops. Omega sent into the corner and gets lit up. JB tags himself in, goes to the top, assisted flip on Omega, pin attempt, two.

Page finally tags himself in, sliding lariat on JB, cover, two. Omega and Page continue to work over JB, but he tries to fire back with some chops. JB looks for a springboard arm drag, Page pulls him down and then hits a big clothesline. Luchasaurus tags in and takes down the champions, big boot to Omega. Another kick to Omega, and then Page. Chokeslam to Page, standing moonsault, cover, two.

Omega with a v-trigger, two snap dragon suplexes on Luchasaurus. JB gets in there, sends Omega out to the floor. Stunt laughs at what happened to Stunt, and he gets a snap dragon suplex. JB with a suicide dive that partially hits Omega and he also receives a snap dragon suplex. Back in the ring, missile dropkick on Luchasaurus. Omega with a suplex, cover, two. Page tags in, roaring forearm on Luchsaurus. JB looks for a hurricanrana, nope, assisted german suplex. Luchasaurus with a roundhouse kick on Omega.

Page tries for a buckshot lariat, nope, Luchasaurus looks for a chokeslam, gets double suplexed. JB frog splash on Page, suicide dive on Omega, ugly looking tornado DDT on Page. JB distracts the ref, Luchasaurus launches Stunt down on Omega, then looks for the win against Page. JB and Luchasaurus with kicks and elbows to Page, cover, Omega breaks it up. Luchasaurus sent out of the ring. JB is powerbombed out to the floor on his partner, then Omega hits a big flip over the top rope on both guys. He sends JB right back into the ring. Page with a powerbomb, cover, two. Last Call (v-trigger/buckshot lariat combo) hits on JB, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Hangman Page and Kenny Omega via Pinfall

– Backstage, Santana and Ortiz take Best Friend’s luggage, empty them out in the showers and then dump a bunch of bleach on them. “Apologize? What? Are you trippin?” Santana says in regards to Best Friends wanting an apology for them destroying Sue’s (Trent’s mom) van.

– FTR and Young Bucks hosting Tag Team Appreciation Night with Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and The Rock ‘N Roll Express. Matt says the RNR Express are the original Young Bucks, their style is what he and Matt put on display now. Matt thanks them for being here and they wouldn’t be here without them. Dax Harwood then says the fans are probably thinking FTR wanted Arn and Tully here because he’s a big mark for them. “Well, I am a big mark for them!” Harwood talks about getting to have the time of his life traveling the world with his best friend and that’s all because of the four legends in the ring. Dax says he has the life he has because of those four legends.

Ricky Morton on the mic, talks about FTR having some amazing chemistry, while the Young Bucks have done some amazing things in the ring and are the best team of their generation. Arn on the mic, he tells Young Bucks they have taken tag wrestling to a different stratosphere. He then says FTR is the best team in the world. Tully then snatches the mic from Morton and says he’s got news for everyone in the ring. He says Tom Brady is the best is because he’s got the rings. He says those in wrestling can talk about being the best when they have the titles, and neither team tonight have that.

Tully then tells Arn he doesn’t understand The Nightmare Family thing at all. Shawn Spears slowly makes his way out and Arn notices him. Arn makes his way out. Tully goes to talk again and Ricky Morton pops Tully in the face. Some shoving goes on and Harwood goes down because of his banged up knee. Spears then backs Tully away as The Young Bucks back them up on the stage. FTR then take Harwood’s brace and attacks RNR Express. Thee then spike piledrive Morton! Page and Omega come out and look confused at FTR’s action. Wheeler and Harwood walk around the ring and make their way to the stage.

– Backstage, Alex Marvez talks with Mike Chioda, but Chris Jericho shows up. He says Chioda and him have been around the world and they’ve had a few great times. He then tells Chioda about the time he saved his job 18 years ago, that’s why Jericho brought him in again tonight for his match against Orange Cassidy. Jericho says when the time is right, he’ll need Chioda to do the right thing. Chioda says he’ll call it right down the middle. Jericho says when he needs Chioda, he better do the right thing and he’ll get him a job again, this time in AEW.

AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida vs. Heather Monroe (Non-Title Match)

Monroe goes right to work on Shida, they end up on the rope, but Monroe with the cheap shot. She chokes Shida over the middle rope and swings away. Shida sent into the rope, rising knee strikes and throws punches on a grounded Monroe. Shida lands a backbreaker, charges in the corner, nobody home, but Shida lands a kick. She goes up to the second rope, gets cut down and dropped to the mat, cover, two. Shida suplexes Monroe into the corner, forearms to the face, tries for the falcon arrow, counter, two-count. Shida stretches out Monroe ((Arm trap Argentine leglock) and forces her to tap out.

Winner: Hikaru Shida via Submission

– Post-match, Tony Schiavone asks Shida about having a lot of challengers for her title. “I’m still waiting, bring it on!” Shida says.

– Dressing room, Jake Roberts with Lance Archer. Roberts goes to talk, a random guy walks in front of them, Archer then beats the hell out of him and another guy. Roberts talks about owning someone and they are afraid to make a move, that’s what instilling fear is. Archer then rips Roberts’ shirt off and it says “Everybody Dies!” on his back.

– Part one of last year’s All Out next Wednesday at 8 pm ET on YouTube.

– Next week: Saturday 6 pm ET (or immediately following the NBA Playoffs):

* FTR vs. Private Party
* The Elite vs. Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Alan Angels
* Finals for the Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament
* Darby Allin in action
* Lucha Brothers, The Butcher, and The Blade vs. Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, QT Marshall, and Dustin Rhodes
* Cody (c) vs. Brodie Lee (AEW TNT Championship)

Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy ($7,000 Obligation Match – Best Friends and Inner Circle banned from ringside)

Cassidy goes to put his hands in his pockets and fakes out Jericho, ducking a punching and swinging away on his opponent. Flying shoulder block on Jericho, clotheslines Jericho out to the floor, crossbody splash down on Jericho, then more punches. Jericho then gets thrown into the side of the stage. Cassidy heads to the top rope, hands in his pocket, and lands down on Jericho.

Back in the ring, Cassidy leaps off the top rope and hits a DDT, cover, two. Cassidy looks for a superman punch, Jericho kicks him to stop that. Jericho lands some chops, then sends Cassidy to the apron, forearm to the face, springboard dropkick sends Cassidy to the floor. Jericho continues to work over Cassidy, lionsault, cover, two-count.

Cassidy with some very light shots to Jericho, then finishes with a heft superkick to Jericho’s face. Cassidy lands a clothesline, heads to the top rope crossbody, cover, two. Cassidy goes to the top, leaps, and Jericho counters with Walls of Jericho. Cassidy reverses with a small package, two, Jericho then takes a not so great looking dragon screw leg whip, Cassidy follows up with an ankle lock.

Cassidy eats a codebreaker, cover, two-count. Jericho barking at Mike Chioda to count the three. Jericho goes to the corner and grabs his baseball bat. Chioda asks him what he’s doing, Jericho says to turn around. Chioda things about it for a moment, then decides to take it away. Jericho can’t believe and gets rolled up for a two-count. Falcon arrow on Jericho, pin, another two. Cassidy with a big penalty kick, and he’s fired up now. Cassidy lands a big superman punch, but Best Friends, Santana and Ortiz are fighting on the stage! Chioda looks at the action, Hager runs out from the crowd and plants Cassidy down on the mat. Jericho rolls over for the cover, only two! Jericho with a cheap lowblow as he bumps into the referee with Cassidy and the ref doesn’t see it. Jericho misses judas effect and Cassidy with a mousetrap pin for the win!

Winner: Orange Cassidy via Pinfall