AEW Dynamite Results: Jon Moxley Defends Against Darby Allin, Cody Teams With Matt Cardona

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- Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross, and Taz on commentary.

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Young Bucks) and FTR vs. The Dark Order

We're off to a fast start with Lee dealing with the Young Bucks. Ten and Anna Jay are standing next to commentary, watching the match. One of the minions gets throw into the match by Lee and he's getting destroyed by pretty much everyone on the other team. Omega and Page with a flurry of attacks, cover, Uno breaks it up. FTR saves both Omega and Page from taking suplexes. Multiple Dark Order members then take a vertical suplex.

Cabana gets a shot on Omega, he chases him out of the ring and runs right into a big kick from Lee. Back in the Ring, Grayson and Uno work over Omega, Uno with a boot to the face, cover, two. Omega is finally able to tag out, Harwood takes down Five, elbow drop, cover, two. Wheel with a big powerslam on Five, back suplex on Grayson, lariat on Uno, then tags in Harwood. Page in there now, Five with a kick and drags him back to his corner. Grayson gets in there and chops away on Page.

Omega with the blind tag, Grayson takes a ton of strikes, assisted german suplex, snap dragon suplex on Uno. Five tags in, but gets destroyed by pretty much everyone else on the other team. Nick with a step-up twisting splash on three Dark Order members. Harwood puts Five over his knee, Wheel then drops down on Five, Harwood sells a knee injury though and takes a moment on the apron. The entire team seems to check him out, Omega tags in, gutwrench powerbomb, cover, Dark Order all attack while the other team seems more concerned about Harwood being taken to the back.

Omega with a hurricanrana, then Matt is back and in for the tag. He runs right into a black hole slam by Lee, cover, two. Now it's only Nick, Matt, and Kenny in the match as Page and FTR walks to the back. Dark Order beating up Matt, Nick and Kenny can't do much. Colt with a big splash, cover, two-count. Matt continues to get beat up as Dark Orders are winning the numbers game. Lee in the ring, Omega with a shot, but then takes a big clothesline. Matt finally gets a window to tag out, but Uno pulls Nick to the floor, Grayson hits a release german suplex.

Matt trying to fend off the entire other team, he looks for a tag, but nobody is left in his corner. Page finally comes back to the ring, Matt tags him and Page drops a bunch of guys. Fallaway slam on Five, splash to the floor on Colt. Page looks for the buckshot lariat, but Uno stops him. Hits a back suplex to Five on the apron. Page climbs to the top and hits a moonsault to five guys on the floor. Back in the ring, Page wants lee to tag in. Page ends up losing the battle. Colt is tagged in, hits the chicago skyline on Page, cover, Omega breaks it up. Five with a double stomp down on Omega. Grayson and Uno each with a big move on the tag champs. Lee back in the match, looks for a discus forearm, Young Bucks double superkick him and a bunch of other guys. Omega with a snap dragon suplex while Young Bucks superkick him. Page with a buckshot lariat, Lee ducks, Page almost hits Omega, but he's pulled out of the ring just before. Lee then hits a big discus clothesline on Page, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Dark Order via Pinfall

- Earlier today, Best Friends pull up to the building in Trent's mom's van, they will face Santana and Ortiz later tonight.

- Earlier today, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley says when he was younger he struggled with a lot of demons. Moxley says he'd go to the ring and it was like he's wrestling ghosts. People who cared about him would often try to talk him out of doing dangerous things. Looking back, some of those things he'd change, some things he wouldn't. He gets why Darby Allin wants his title. Moxley says in a weird twist, now he's the one trying to advocate for safety and common sense. Moxley says Allin is his favorite guy in AEW and doesn't want to be the one that ends Allin's career, but once he signed the contract, he becomes just like everyone else. Moxley says when it's time to stay down, just stay down. "I know you're not going to listen though...because I wouldn't."

Best Friends vs. Santana and Ortiz

Santana and Taylor get things going with some mat wrestling, neither wrestler getting much of an advantage. Taylor finally gets the first pinfall attempt, two-count. Santana with a kick to the midsection, then tags in Ortiz. He's immediately taken down, Trent is tagged in, works the arm, standing double knee stomp, northern lights suplex, two-count. Taylor tags in, Ortiz swings away on both guys. Best Friends with a flurry of attacks, Ortiz gets planted to the mat, Best Friends do their signature hug.

Back-and-forth chops in the middle of the ring between Ortiz and Trent. Ortiz gets the best of Trent though, brings in Santana. Commentary notes the AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament will continue on YouTube on Monday at 7 pm ET. Trent continues to get beat up on the outside, Trent launches into the barricade. Taylor sent over the barricade. Back in the ring, Ortiz with a suplex, cover, one-count. Trent selling a back injury. Ortiz tags in, double team vertical suplex.

Trent finally fights off his opponents and is able to tag out. Taylor with a couple clotheslines, standing slice bread, drives Santana to the mat, cover, two. Soul food on Ortiz, falcon arrow, cover, two. Ortiz put up on the top rope, Trent tags in, Santana runs over and hits him from behind. Taylor gets rid of Santana. Trent on Taylor's shoulders, and they hit a big superplex on Ortiz. Santana pulls Taylor off the apron, then throws him into the staging area. Trent eats a rolling cutter from Santana, Ortiz with a sitout powerbomb, Santana with a knee to the face, cover, two. Santana and Ortiz look for street sweeper on Trent, but Taylor knocks Santana off the top rope. Trent rolls up Ortiz for the win!

Winners: Best Friends via Pinfall

- At MJF's campaign headquarters, MJF gives an update about his campaign. MJF says they are shipping posters out all over the world. MJF gets some gum from one of his workers, he hates it and fires them. Lee then is called out for hanging up a poster that's not level. Nina is asked about the poll, which MJF is leading over Moxley. Someone behind the camera asks MJF what if Allin wins the title tonight. "Oh, the 125 lbs. emo kid? Yeah, that would really suck to wrestle him..." MJF heads off.

- Matt Hardy in the ring, talks about having a blast with being able to show off all his personas, but he listens to his audience (much like AEW does as a whole). Hardy says he wants to focus on being him though on-screen. Off-screen he wants to keep helping others and brings up Private Party. He then says he tried to do the same with Sammy Guevara and told him to get away from Chris Jericho. Guevara didn't listen though. Hardy says Guevara once climbed out from under the ring and attacked Hardy, so Hardy decided to give it back to him.

We then see Guevara sneak out from under the ring and shows up behind Mardy. "Sammy, I knew you'd come," he turns around and they start brawling in and out of the ring. Matt gets the best of Sammy, grabs a table, and sets it up. Sammy fights back and throws a chair at Hardy's head, Hardy was busted open from that shot. Guevara then leaps off the stage with a twisting splash and crushes Hardy. Matt is bleeding quite a bit from that shot as Guevara heads to the back.

- Outside the building, Santana and Ortiz have some weapons and beat the hell out of Best Friends' van. The break a ton of windows and spray paint the hood. "Tell your moms, what's good?" Ortiz then sends the sledgehammer into the windshield and it sticks through it.

AEW TNT Champion Cody and Matt Cardona vs. Alex Reynolds and John Silver

Shoving match breaks out between Cody and Silver, Cody drops down for the uppercut then does an extra delayed vertical suplex. Cardona is tagged in and hits a big clothesline on Silver, throws him into the turnbuckle pad, flapjack, cover, one-count. Kick by Silver, tags in Reynolds, but he's dropped with a neckbreaker. Cody then tags in, and drops down on Reynolds' arm. Cody sent into the corner, he goes down and slides ribs first into the ring post. Silver then goes out and throws him into the apron before getting him back in the ring.

Big punches to Reynolds, but he's still holding his ribs. Cody ends up on the apron, Silver trips him down on hit, Reynolds with a slingshot double stomp on him. Silver and Reynolds with back and forth elbow drops, cover, one. More kicks to Cody's midsection by Silver who then tags in Reynolds. Cody tries to fight back, but his ribs are troubling him. He really needs to tag out, but is being kept in the wrong part of town.

More kicks land on Cody. He's finally able to take out, Cardona is on fire, taking out both opponents. Matt lands a missile dropkick, then throws shots in the corner. Cardona with a double-underhook sit-down powerbomb, but gets kicked in the face. Dark Order go to down on Cardona, back and forth strikes into a german suplex with the bridge for a two-count. Cardona gets sent out of the ring, Cody back in the ring, looks for cross rhodes, blocked. Silver then suplex himself and Cody out to the floor. In the ring, Cardona hits his finisher (radio silence fka the rough ryder) for the victory.

Winners: Cody and Matt Cardona via Pinfall

- Post-match, Cody and him smile at each other. Cody then makes his way to the back, Scorpio Sky then blocks him for a moment. He looks at Cody's title, gives it a tap, and walks off.

- Outside next to the destroyed van, Best Friends are not happy at all with Santana and Ortiz. Trent calls them cowards for what they did. Taylor says all they had to do was ask for a rematch. Trent then says they are going to personally apologize to his mom...via speakerphone.

- Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy debate starts up and Eric Bischoff is the moderator. He sits at a table on the stage, and says he has five different questions for tonight's debate, neither wrestler have seen the questions. Cassidy is announced first, then Jericho, they will be in the ring for the debate. Jericho comes to the ring in a dark suit, but Jake Hager also brings out the white jacket Cassidy destroyed with all that orange juice. Jericho is asked why does Jericho and Cassidy hate each other so much? Jericho thanks Cassidy for dressing for the occasions (he's in his usual gear). Cassidy then pulls out a clip-on tie and attaches it. Jericho then says this is why he hates Cassidy, says he's a flash in the pan and a nobody. Cassidy is asked for his response. Cassidy doesn't say anything. Back to Jericho: "Who is the better wrestler? Who is the biggest star?" Jericho says it's pretty obvious what the answer is to that and rips Cassidy some more. Cassidy doesn't respond

The third question is asked about rising sea levels and the dangers it has to the worlds. Cassidy doesn't say anything first, Jericho says to move on. Cassidy then rattles off a ton of facts about rising sea levels while Jericho looks on in astomnishment. Next question is asked why Cassidy is so popular. Jericho calls Cassidy a pimple on the ass of pro wrestling, says fans at home can related to a lazy, entitled, nobody. Jericho then says next week he wants $7,000 for his damaged jacket, then he's going to leave AEW and go back to being a juice guy at a mall. The last question is why this match means so much to both guys. Jericho goes to talk, but Cassidy tells him to shut up. Cassidy says he doesn't care about Jericho, but he does care about their match next week. Cassidy says it's the biggest match of of his life, and the biggest of Jericho.

Cassidy takes his glasses off, tells Jericho to look at the man who's going to beat and embarrass him. Bischoff then declares Cassidy is the winner of the debate. Jericho can't believe it! Jericho says he hasn't like Bischoff for 20 years, Bischoff says it's been 24 years and he knows exactly how Jericho feels! Jericho then gets Hager to attack Cassidy and he throws a bunch of shots at Cassidy. He then puts Cassidy's hands in his pockets, Jericho lands judas effect and knocks him out. Best Friends run out to the ring and chase the duo away.

- At ringside, Tony Schiavone asks Britt Baker who she picked to face Big Swole. If Swole wins, then she could get a shot at Baker in the ring sometime down the road. Britt then picks Reba to face Big Swole. Reba can't believe it! Baker tells her to get in the ring, she has trouble getting in the ring.

Big Swole vs. Reba

Swole looks ready for business, headlock takedown on Reba. She throws a shot to Reba's back. Baker then distracts Swole a bit, Reba throws Swole into the corner, does it again, rough looking release suplex. Reba with an ax kick in the corner, throws Swole's face into the mat. Reba goes to the top rop, looks shaky, goes to the second rope, moonsault, nobody home. Swole is up and throws a discus forearm, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Big Swole via Pinfall

- Next week:

* Cody (c) vs. Scorpio Sky (AEW TNT Championship)
* Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy ($7,000 Obligation Match)
* Tag Team Appreciation Night hosted by FTR
* Hangman Page and Kenny Omega vs. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus
* Grayson and Evil Uno vs. Young Bucks
* Appearances by Rock 'N Roll Express, Tully Blanchard, and Arn Anderson for Tag Team Appreciation Night hosted by FTR

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Darby Allin (AEW World Championship)

Darby Allin heads to the ring wearing a black and white paper mask of Moxley's face. He keeps the mask on even as the match begins. Moxley finally rips it off and punches Allin hard in the face, he's already bleeding from the mouth. Allin has "champion" written over and over on half his upper torso. Allin slaps him in the face, but then takes a big lariat. Moxley continues to beat up the challenger. Allin finally hits a big springboard armdrag, then kicks Moxley out to the ramp, hits a hard suicide dive and swings away on the champion.

Both end up on the stage, Moxley fights back. Moxley then launches Allin off the stage and he bounces off the ring post! Back in the ring, Moxley continues to beat Allin up. Locks him in an STF, Allin gives him double middle fingers, Moxley takes a finger and bends it. He then throws Allin out of the ring. Allin grabs Moxley by the arm and yanks him into the top rope. Allin then just slams into Moxley and they both go out to the floor, more punches thrown by Allin. Allin with another sideways suicide dive on the champ.

Allin then has Moxley's hand on the ring post, stomping down on it. Moxley falls to the floor, Allin then hits a senton on a standing Moxley! In the ring, Allin looks for a sprinboard coffin drop, block, paradigm shift, no, Allin hits a code red for a two-count. Allin then heads to the top rope, Moxley follows, hits him across the back, Moxley goes up and goes for a german suplex, Allin over rotates and pretty much lands on his feet, but doesn't get right back up.

Moxley gets up first, Wardlow walks out to the ring to distracts the referee. MJF runs in and smacks Moxley with the AEW World Title, then runs out through the crowd. Wardlow makes his way to the back. Allin then hits a coffin drop on Moxley, cover, 1-2-no! That was super close. Moxley's head is busted open now after that shot. Moxley struggles to get up, Allin throws some punches, shotgun dropkick, over-the-top stunner, back elbow, up to the top for a coffin drop. Moxley rotates and locks in the rear naked choke. Moxley tells him to go to sleep. Allin looks like he's fading, but he's able to get to his knees, he then claws Moxley's eyes. They stand up, Moxley hits a gotch style piledriver, pin, two-count. Moxley can't believe it! He picks Allin up, paradigm shift hits, cover, and that will end the match.

Winner: Jon Moxley via Pinfall

- Post-match, Moxley says some words to Allin. Backstage, MJF is not happy that his plan didn't work out and storms off. Moxley continues to talk with Allin, who is barely conscious as the show ends.