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– Chris Jericho, Tony Schiavone, and Jim Ross holding down commentary tonight. Fans in the crowd tonight at about 10% capacity.

The Young Bucks vs. The Natural Nightmares with Allie (Tag Team Gauntlet Match – Winners get tag title shot at All Out)

Back and forth action in early with The Young Bucks getting all the momentum. Matt with a bunch of hip tosses on Rhodes, but Dustin calls for a timeout to take a breather, Matt gives him a second then goes for a pin, two. Rhodes with a spinning powerslam, he then hits one on Nick. Matt and Nick work their way back into the match, sending QT out to the floor.

Commentary noted that Cody is out indefinitely after last week’s attack, Brandi Rhodes is not at ringside for tonight’s tag match after being choked out by Anna Jay during that same ambush. Nick swings away at Dustin. Matt tags in, Dustin with a kick to the stomach and hits a canadian destroyer. QT tagged in, multiple clotheslines on Nick, flying forearm, drops Nick, cover, two. QT breaks up more bang for your buck. Shot to Matt, looks for a cutter, gets shoved into Nick and kicked in the face. Nick tagged in, they both kick out his legs and hit the BTE Trigger for the pinfall victory. Bucks moving on!

Winners: The Young Bucks via Pinfall

– Gauntlet Match continues with Best Friends heading out next.

Best Friends vs. Young Bucks

Trent and Taylor drop Nick, quick cover for only two. Taylor avoids a move, sells a knee injury. Nick drops him with a face buster. He goes to the apron for a moonsault down on Trent, misses, Trent with a big spear. Back in the ring, Trent and Taylor put Nick down, cover, two. Nick put down in the corner, Trent crashes into him, cover, two.

Nick is up, chop to the chest, Trent tries a suplex, but gets kneed in the head. Nick tries to use his agility to avoid Trent, but gets caught on the apron. Shots to Nick’s back, Nick returns fire with a superkick, then hits a german suplex on the apron! Matt tagged in and swings wildly on both opponents, DDT on Taylor. Trent with a kick to the midsection, chop to the chest. Matt with a flipping stunner off the top rope, cover, two.

Matt hits three northern lights suplex, goes for a fourth and gets stopped. Nick tags in and lands a bunch of kicks on Best Friends. Taylor finally stops him by throw him hard down to the mat. Soul food / half-and-half suplex on Nick. Taylor on the apron, gets his leg kicked out from under him. Trent pops Matt, ducks a kick from Nick and lands a big chop. Nick with a chop, Matt holds Trent up out on the floor, Nick with a flip down on Trent.

Nick looks for another flip down on Trent, hits a 450 splash, cover, two-count. Young Bucks look to finish off Trent. Nick goes for the Melltzer Driver, but Hangman Page grabs Nick’s foot, Matt gets rolled up for a three-count!

Winners: Best Friends via Pinfall

– Post-match, Young Bucks are not happy at all with Page. Page looks very guilty about what he did though. Looks like he’s been crying or something, his eyes were all puffy. Page makes his way back up through the stands as Matt and Nick yell at him.

– FTR makes their way out ? winners of this match face Page and Omega at All Out. Ringside physician with Best Friends, likely checking out Taylor’s knee that was dinged up in the previous match.

FTR vs. Best Friends

FTR with the quick attack on Best Friends right as the match started. FTR going right to work on Taylor’s bad knee. Taylor finally gets a jawbreaker on Harwood. Wheeler tries to get Trent off the apron, gets kicked away. Tully with a ref distraction, Wheeler pulls Trent off the apron, suplex on the floor. Taylor goes for Wheeler and gets chop blocked by Harwood. Wheeler tags in works over Taylor. Harwood gets back in there with a kneebar on Taylor. Chuck finally taps out to the pain.

Winners: FTR via Pinfall to earn an AEW World Tag Team Championship Match against Hangman Page and Kenny Omega at All Out.

– Darby Allin (with thumbtacks still in his back walks down a road with a paper mask of Ricky Starks on. Allin climbs up on top of a bridge and then leaps off and down into the river. “You really think I’m afraid of you, Ricky? I’ll show you I’m not afraid of anything.”

– Casino Battle Royale announced for All Out. Darby Allin and Lance Archer are announced for the match. Winner gets a future AEW World Championship match.

Lance Archer with Jake Roberts vs. Sean Maluta

Maluta making his AEW debut, he previously worked in NXT. Archer immediately sends Maluta out to the floor, goes out, big chop, sends him back into the ring. Archer with a bunch of shots to the chest. Maluta back up, throws some shots, but it does nothing. Archer drops him, then hits a release german suplex. Archer with big back elbows in the corner. Big chokeslam by Archer, cover, Archer picks his opponent up. Archer with a chop in the corner, black out lands, he throws Maluta’s head down on the mat a few times, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Lance Archer via Pinfall

– Post-match, Roberts talks about the upcoming Casino Battle Royale. He says the other men think they have a shot, but they don’t. Archer is going to be the one walking out and he needs to wipe that one loss off his record. He asks Archer if they can throw out 20 guys. Archer says as fast as they step in, they are going out because everybody dies. Taz comes out to the ring with Brian Cage and Ricky Starks, announcing both his guys are in the match and one of them are going to win. Darby Allin’s music hits and he skateboards to the ring. Allin immediately goes for Starks and hits him with a dropkick. They end up brawling to the back. Roberts holds back Archer and tells him right now is not the time for Cage.

– Backstage, MJF wearing a neck brace and using a walker, makes his way to the ring. MJF feels like one of his campaign guys are laughing at him. MJF says he better not! MJF slowly makes his way to the ring for tonight’s contract signing

– Hype video for AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida vs. Thunder Rosa at All Out. We see clips of Rose winning a title in NWA. Billy Corgan does a voice over saying fans will be surprised by her in-ring work and her unbelievable charisma. Shida and Rosa have a quick face-off for the contract signing for their match at All Out.

– MJF slowly heads out to the ring for the contract signing and sits on one side of the table with the rest of his campaign crew. Jon Moxley makes his way down through the stands, big reaction to Moxley from the fans. Moxley sits at the other side of the table. Commentary notes Moxley is #1 in this year’s PWI 500. MJF’s lawyer says it’s time to do the signing to have the paradigm shift banned at All Out. MJF signs it immediately, Moxley isn’t so fast. MJF says he knows most contract signings end in a brawl, after Moxley’s gutless attack as much as he wants to come over and smack Moxley, he’s going to hold off. He tells Moxley to follow social distancing, kind of like his hairline. Moxley says he’ll get there one day, he just needs to hit puberty first.

MJF refers to “crazy, one trick pony” Jon Moxley, but MJF says he may have been wrong about the champ. He’s good, real good, an actual bad ass. MJF brings up Mike Tyson being backstage at one show and saying he wouldn’t want to be in a dark ally with Moxley. MJF says at All Out they won’t be in an ally, they will be in a professional match, and that’s where Moxley is in danger because MJF is a wrestling prodigy. MJF says he will pinpoint Moxley’s weakness and use every aspect of the ring to his advantage.

MJF says Moxley will want him in his territory ? the stairs, near tables, and guardrails. MJF continues that Moxley just studied guys like Sandman, New Jack, and Onita. “You know, Jon, hot garbage.” MJF says he studies Buddy Rogers and the Tully Blanchard’s of the world. MJF says after the PPV he’ll hold the title. Unless Moxley isn’t man enough to beat him without the paradigm shift, and if that’s the case “maybe you should tell that hot, little wife of yours that I’m single.” Moxley stands up, the lawyer tells him to keep his palms on the table, or he’ll sue. Moxley calls the lawyer a “d— wad” and tells him to sit down. Moxley sits back down, says MJF is just forcing him to get creative.

All the ways he could snap a limb or choke the air out of him. Moxley says he’ll sign the contract. He says to remember two things, nothing MJF says, matters, and nothing Moxley signs, matters. He tells MJF on September 5, he’s a dead man. Moxley signs it and MJF is super happy about it. They laugh at Moxley for signing. Moxley then says he couldn’t believe MJF agreed to page 17. MJF and his lawyer say there is only 16 pages. On the 17th page it says next week it will be Moxley versus MJF’s lawyer. If he doesn’t show up, then MJF doesn’t get his title match. Paradigm shift will be completely legal.

– Backstage, Santana and Ortiz talks to Best Friends about only asking for some lame apology after they destroyed Trent’s mom’s van. Ortiz says they will apologize that their mom wasn’t in the van when they destroyed it.

– Backstage, Eddie Kingston says everyone on the internet is talking about Kingston’s group being a stable. Kingston says these guys are his people, they are about championships and that’s what he’s going to show them.

The Lucha Brothers, The Blade, and The Butcher (with Eddie Kingston) vs. Griff Garrison, Sonny Kiss, Joey Janela, Brian Pillman Jr.

Lots of brawling early on. The Blade getting beating up by Garrison, Kiss, and then Janela. Double team move with Kiss hitting a big kick to the face. Janela gets beat by the other group, who then knock all their opponents off the apron. Lots of back and forth action from both side. Janela able to work his way back into the match, and tag in Kiss. Kiss with a kick to Fenix’s head, hurricanrana off the second rope, step-up leg drop.

Kiss back to the second rope, leaping split, but nobody home, Fenix with a kick to the head. Fenix dances on the ropes, Kiss kicks him down to Janela, death valley driver on the apron to Fenix. Pentagon then hits a package piledriver on the apron to Janela! Pillman springboards forearm on Blade, multiple strikes to Butcher. Fenix and Pentagon with a double stomp / piledriver on Pillman for the 1-2-3.

Winners: The Lucha Brothers, Blade, and Butcher via Pinfall

– Post-match, Kingston tells the ref to raise their winner’s hands. Kingston then announces all five of them are in the Casino Battle Royale.

– Commentary says they don’t have anything new for Cody’s condition, things are being kept quiet for some reason.

– The Dark Order head out with a casket and Evil Uno says the group has been on cloud nine since last week. The group did a lot of spending since last week. They say the celebration is as much for Lee’s title win as it is for taking out Cody. They open the casket and a man is in there with a Nightmare Family jacket over his face. It’s just Ten in there, he gets out and Uno says The Nightmare Family is dead and gone. The new prince is Brodie Lee! Lee heads out with Anna Jay. He then goes to Shiavone and tells him to go to the ring for an interview.

Lee tells Tony not too long ago all the people in the group were being laughed at because of people like Tony. Lee says he was in “prison” back then because of people like him. Lee says they have buried The Nightmare Family, no more open challenge, no more indie talent getting TV time. Lee then officially introduces “The Queen Slayer” Anna Jay as the newest official member. John Silver then jumps on the mic and says Lee is the man! Lee slaps him to the mat, “someone pick this little s— up.” Lee says Dark Order is the hottest act in wrestling, he’s the hottest champion right now, and nobody can do anything about it.

Dustin and QT come out to attack the group, but don’t get much offense in. Scorpio Sky then jumps in the ring and looks to Lee for a moment, says a few things. Jay ends up slapping Sky, Lee knocks him down from behind and parto f the group heads to the back. Evil Uno lingers behind to celebrate some more. Matt Cardona runs out and drops him. Cardona then clears out the rest of Dark Order with Sky, Dustin, and QT. Lee comes back out to see what was going on and yells at the group in the ring while holding up his title.

– Dasha finds Hangman Page at the bar to ask why he cost Young Bucks the match. Matt and Nick asked why, wondered if he’s afraid to face them again. Matt says they wanted a friend, and he was good enough to be that this whole time. Matt says Page is nothing but a drunk, he smacks the drink in Page’s face. Matt says every siince November they’ve hung onto something that doesn’t excsist, “You’re out of The Elite. You’re done. Matt slams the door, the mirror cracked and Page looks at himself in the broken mirror.

Big Swole vs. Britt Baker, Reba, and Penelope Ford (3-on-1 Handicap Match)

Baker is still in her wheelchair and is wearing a face mask. She tells Baker, if she can win this match, she can have any match she wants. Reba and Ford go to work on Swole. Swole throws some elbows at them, referee finally gets Reba to her corner. Ford tries for a pin, one-count. Ford choking Swole over the rope, referee moves Ford back, Baker hits Swole with the crutch. Reba tagged in, Ford with a back handspring elbow. Reba with a big splash in the corner. Reba heads to the top rope, looking shaky, Swole knocks Ford off the apron, and swings on Reba.

Ford goes up, punches thrown, Swole with a terrible looking hurricanrana. Sabian jumps up on the apron to get the referee’s attention. Swole goes out and hits a discus forearm on Sabian. Ford smacks Swole and throws her back in the ring. Ford lines Swole up. Reba with a second rope moonsault, cover, two. Ford with some shots, Reba with a crutch shot that ends up hitting Ford in the face when the referee wasn’t looking. Swole with the cover on Ford, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Big Swole via Pinfall

– Next week:

* Santana and Ortiz vs. Best Friends
* Chris Jericho vs. Joey Janela
* Private Party and SCU (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) vs. Young Bucks and Jurassic Express (Winners of the match face each other at All Out)

– At ringside, Anna Jay, Evil Uno, and Grayson, come over to Tay Conti and offers a spot in the Dark Order to her. The two teamed together in the tournament. Tay smiles, hugs Jay, and looks to have joined the group.

– Last week, Orange Cassidy gets bubbly dumped all over him by the Inner Circle.

Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara (Tables Match)

Not much time left for this main event between these two. Hardy gets a choke in on Guevara and a kick to the stomach. Guevara gets thrown over the top rope and down to the floor. Hardy launches a chair at Guevara, misses, hitting the ring post instead. Sammy puts a table up against the ring post. Guevara with a knee to the face, he then lifts Hardy and throws another knee into Hardy’s head.

Guevara puts Hardy on a table out on the floor. Sammy with a flip, Hardy moves, Guevara goes through the table! Since Matt didn’t put him through it, that doesn’t count. He tries for a dropkick, Hardy sidesteps him. Hardy looks to powerbomb Guevara through a table, he grabs the ropes and gets in the ring. Hardy drops him. Guevara is busted open. Sammy throws a spinning kick to Matt’s head. Matt then slams Sammy down to the apron. Matt goes for an elbow drop, Sammy moves and Matt goes through the table.

Guevara grabs a chair, goes to throw it, Matt kicks him and puts the chair around his neck, then hits twist of fate! “Holy crap” chant by the crowd, lol. Matt then pulls out a table with “Deleted” spray painted on it. Matt puts the chair up, then then table over it. Matt climbs to the top rope, he falls down though. Sammy runs up, grabs Matt and superplexes him through the table!

Winner: Sammy Guevara

– Post-match, Orange Cassidy runs out and attacks Jericho at commentary. Jim and Tony move as the two battle their way towards the stage. Superman punch by Cassidy. Referees trying to break things up, but aren’t having much luck. Jericho gets in a few shots, as well, as the show comes to a close.