AJ Styles On The Late WWE Legend He Wishes He Could Have Wrestled

AJ Styles has been featured in nearly every major wrestling promotion available, including New Japan Pro Wrestling. During his recent Twitch stream, AJ discussed his affinity for living in Japan during his run with NJPW. He also talked about some of his friends that worked there, like Jay White and Finn Balor, and how their careers saw humble beginnings before blossoming into who they are today.

"I think about guys who, like Karl Anderson and Jay White, and the things that they did to make a name for themselves. Like, they literally went to a different country, lived in Japan," AJ explained. "I know when Karl did it, him and Finn Balor, they didn't have anything. All they had was each other, no internet, none of that way back when they were training. The things that they went through is pretty impressive, and to see how far they've come, man, it's inspiring. If you ever get the chance to talk to them or find out their story, it's unbelievable."

Comparing New Japan's ring to WWE's, AJ admits that WWE's is the harder and rougher of the two. He took some time to praise NJPW for the way their particular ring is set up.

"I'll go on record: I think New Japan probably has the best ring I've ever been in, in my career. It's totally different," AJ said. "I can't even explain it to you. Unless you've worked on rings before, like, this one is just amazing."

Now, AJ finds himself as a top star in the WWE, and although he regularly puts on memorable matches, AJ picked a late, great WWE star that he wishes he could have squared up with.

"Eddie Guerrero – I think it would be fun to wrestle him. I think that would have been fun to see how these guys do it, and see if it's the same," AJ said. "And I feel like, at this point in my career, it would probably be pretty close to the same kinds of things they were thinking. The great thing about those guys is that they were able to work really good guys a lot. You're talking about Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit? They were already wrestling in Japan before they ever made it to WCW and went to the WWE. So, they had access to top talent right from the get go."

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