The current Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles returned to his Twitch stream this week to answer a variety of questions from his fans. When asked about his closest friends on the WWE roster, AJ picked one from SmackDown and one from RAW.

“I think that out of everyone – he’s on the injured list right now, but still, probably the guy I’ve known the longest is Xavier Woods/Austin Creed,” AJ explained. “I’m trying to think who else would be in there. Like, Samoa Joe would be my closest on RAW.”

“The Phenomenal One” made sure to mention his appreciation for both Dolph Ziggler and Jeff Hardy, saying they are two of the very best WWE has to offer. As noted last night, Styles will be defending his IC Title against Jeff Hardy next Friday on SmackDown.

“I love Ziggler, man. He is awesome. I think that when it comes to selling, man, he is one of the best. He really is,” AJ explained. “I put him right up there with Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy is one of the best too.”

When he does eventually lose his Intercontinental Championship to a different WWE star, AJ is uncertain of who deserves the spot next. He detailed how important timing is when creating a storyline that leads to losing a title belt.

“There are a couple of guys that I think would do well with the Intercontinental Championship,” AJ said. “I would love for them to get the opportunity, but I think that everything comes at the right time. Like, the story and everything else has to go with it.

“I think there’s a lot of people thinking Big E might be up there. He might be that guy, I don’t know.”

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