“The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles returned to his Twitch stream earlier this week to answer questions from his fans. During this installment of the stream, AJ talked about how he has his sights set on winning the tag team championships in WWE someday.

“You know, the only championship I haven’t held in WWE is the tag team championships,” AJ noted. “If I’m able to find a partner at some point, and win those, I will have won all the belts in WWE. [Finn would make a great partner] but he’s in NXT and I’m on SmackDown, so I don’t know how that would ever work. Listen, whether I have to go down to NXT or he has to come to SmackDown, I’m willing to do that. I mean, shoot, it would be fun, and different is good.”

Another person Styles took some time to praise was Adam Cole. AJ believes that given the opportunity, he and Cole could undoubtedly put on a five-star match.

“Well, I know I could have one with Adam Cole. I know I could,” Styles said. “Velveteen Dream, I think that would be another one.”

AJ looked back on his legendary career during the stream, listing some of his favorite rivals along the way. If he had to pick his greatest rival from his in-ring career, he believes it’s a toss up between John Cena and Christopher Daniels.

“John Cena, then I got Jerry Lynn, and Christopher Daniels. I mean, those are pretty big rivals,” AJ said. “Heck – Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, but I think the biggest would be a toss up between Christopher Daniels and John Cena. Like, those two were big.”

AJ also gave some details on how things are set up when a match is scheduled, noting that he typically learns what the finish will be right at the start of the process. In the end, AJ puts the storytelling aspect above his wins and losses.

“Usually when I know about the match, I know what’s happening in it. I know what the finish is. And that’s something that comes along with the work, too. Yeah, trust me, I don’t make a big deal about it because it’s all about the story. What’s the story about? That’s what’s interesting to me, it’s where are we going with it, where am I going? Is this story phasing me out so I can jump into another story? Because that means a lot to me, to make the story and everything.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Twitch with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.