As noted, WWE superstar Sonya Deville has been dealing with the aftermath of traumatic events that happened to her last weekend.

Last Sunday, one Phillip A. Thomas II tried to abduct Deville at her home in Lutz, Florida. Thomas drove from his home in South Carolina and arrived in Florida around midnight Sunday morning. He parked his car near Deville’s home, in the parking lot of Idlewild Church off Dale Mabry Highway and Van Dyke Road in Lutz, and then walked to a nearby subdivision where Deville’s home is. Thomas then cut a hole in her patio screen and waited for hours, watching and listening through windows. Thomas watched as Deville went to bed around shortly before 3am, and then tried to enter the home through a sliding glass door.

This triggered Deville’s security system, and Deville looked out a window to see Thomas on her property. She and Rose immediately left the home in a car, and called 911. Police arrived and found Thomas still in the home. He was found in possession of a knife, zip ties, mace, duct tape, a window punch, and other items. Thomas admitted to police that he planned to take Deville hostage. He also admitted to planning the crime for the past 8 months.

Fellow WWE superstar AJ styles recently discussed the matter during one of his Twitch streams. Although the kidnapper had weapons and tools to bind someone, AJ says that it would have ultimately been Thomas getting injured or worse.

“See, I think Sonya not being there was God protecting. That’s what I think, and when I mean protecting, she would have killed him,” AJ explained. “She would have hurt this guy seriously. And I’m just like, I’m amazed, like what was this guy thinking?! Like, not only was he not going to be able to do any of that to her, he would have looked like the biggest – not that he doesn’t already, but even worse.

“His face would have been like hamburger meat where she beat him up. She probably would have beat him up, choked him out, he probably would have woken up, she’d beat him up, choke him out again,” he continued. “Like, what an idiot. There’s some crazy people out there, guys.”

Another MMA-turned-WWE star that AJ took some time to discuss was Ronda Rousey. He recalled that, like Becky Lynch, Ronda initially took some time off from the ring to start up a family. When it comes to her in-ring progress in particular, AJ believes that she is similar to Kurt Angle in the way she quickly picked up the craft.

“I think that, surely, Becky will be back. She’s got to do her mama thing, I get it and it’s awesome,” AJ said. “I’m super happy for her and Seth. I think I don’t know if Ronda was going to go down that road as well, but I was – Ronda reminds me of Kurt Angle. And I said it when she started and I’ll say it again, they’re one in the same. These people have the work ethic that is unbelievable, and once they set their mind to something, they’re going to do it. Ronda, in the little bit of time she’s been in, it’s just been amazing, and she’s a sweetheart. So, she’s over with me.”

Something all three of these WWE stars have in common is that they’ve been a heel character at one time or another. AJ noted how you want the negative response from fans to be as loud as possible when you are the villain persona.

“That’s what you want if you’re cutting good enough promos. Trust me, it was a learning experience. It wasn’t something I was good at, and I’m not the best at these days,” AJ said. “But anything you do enough of, you’ll get better at. When it comes to booing or cheering, you’re trying to get that reaction. So, it wasn’t tough at all. When you’re the bad guy, that’s your job, and if I can get people to hate me, then I’m happy.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Twitch with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.