WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze (Madusa) took to Twitter this evening and called out WWE for the new RAW Underground concept that debuted last week.

Blayze, who is now doing on-air work with AEW, apparently has an issue with the female dancers that were used during last week’s Underground premiere.

“SO? We are bringing back half naked women in the same breath of promoting the evolution and equality of women? Yes this is entertainment yes this is a skit yes this is acting yes these are wrestlers why resort to women sexually dancing opening a show? Why not Men in speedos?,” she wrote.

Former WWE Producer & wrestling veteran Lance Storm responded and said he agrees with Blayze.

“I agree with your point completely. I will pop huge tonight though if they do a women’s Underground and have 3 Chip and Dale type dancers. If you’re going to do eye candy and least do it for everyone. #equality,” Storm wrote back.

RAW Underground will continue on tonight’s show with Week 2 of the new “worked shoot-style fights” concept.

You can see the full tweets from Blayze and Storm below: