Backstage News On Renee Young's WWE Departure, AEW Speculation

As noted, Renee Young reportedly gave her notice to WWE and will be leaving the company after SummerSlam Weekend.

At one point Young was reportedly working under two contracts, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. She had an employee deal with WWE, which allowed her to give notice when she wanted, and a second contract with FOX for the WWE Backstage show that was nixed a few months back. That contract was canceled when the show was pulled from FS1. With the FOX contract no longer in play, Young was able to leave WWE without any lingering obligations.


It was also noted that Young agreed to work through SummerSlam Weekend. There is no word on if WWE will use her on any of the shows this weekend.

Young is married to AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and that has led to obvious speculation on a possible future with the company. AEW was actually unaware of Young's WWE departure until the news broke.

A source close to the situation noted to The Observer that it's inevitable Young hosts something or does some kind of work for AEW, but there is no deal in place at the current time, for anything. If Young does work with AEW, it likely won't be any time soon as her WWE deal has a "serious" non-compete clause, according to The Observer.

Regarding Young's non-wrestling future, she is releasing her first cookbook soon but The Observer reports that she also has some "cool stuff" that has been presented to her. It was also noted that her interest would include any work in sports, talk shows, comedy shows, or podcast shows, among other projects. She also has some experience with acting.


Stay tuned for updates on Renee's future.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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