Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Matt Jackson practicing in the ring, sticking to the basics, no high-flying stuff. Matt mentions Jim Ross being a fan of what he’s doing right now. Matt finishes off his opponent with a bionic elbow, and gets the win in his “50+ seconds for 50+” black and white segment.

* Matt and Nick traveling, but get stuck in an airport because there’s no flights going out. Nick isn’t thrilled this is how he’s celebrating his birthday. The group travels with some of the crew and Brian Cage, they stop for food and Cage has like a dozen eggs. Cage tries the claw hook game, doesn’t have any luck getting a prize. Nick then says their bags didn’t travel with them, but are instead headed to Jacksonville, so they don’t even have their stuff. They did some shopping. They finally make it to Jacksonville though and have to go get tested to see if they can even perform.

* Nick and Matt do voiceovers for AEW stuff.

* Matt and Nick run into John Silver and Alex Reynolds, who are reading The Bible (it’s just a book with a piece of paper with “Bible” written on it). Silver says they aren’t just christian, they are Christian AF. Nick says he didn’t realize this, thought they were just jobbers. The brothers try talking religion with Silver and Reynolds, but they don’t seem to know what they were talking about. Matt and Nick ask about Cain and Abel, Silver thinks they are talking about WWE’s Kane and bring up an Inferno Match. Matt ends up drinking some of the Kool-Aid that Reynolds has while they’re talking. Matt and Nick finally realize the book is fake and The Dark Order members aren’t Christian and tell them they’re getting booked in a squash match. Nick and Matt leave, Brodie Lee comes up and asks them if they recruited the Young Bucks.

* Matt is looking at the TV ratings and isn’t happy with the 50+ demos. Christopher Daniels walks in to talk about something, but Matt realizes Daniels is 50 and wants to know what he likes. Matt then asks Daniels to think of any idea and tell Tony Khan about it. Daniels says he’ll do it, leaves, and has no idea what he’s going to do. He thinks it over and realizes infomercials will do the trick.

* Matt and Nick in the stands to watch Kenny Omega and Hangman Page’s title match against Dark Order. Afterwards, they talk with Page and Omega about their big win. Page is enjoying a beer while they chat. FTR strolls up with drinks in hand and says hey. FTR says they know they started off on the wrong foot with Omega and wanted to make a peace offering. They ask if they want a drink? Young Bucks and Omega pass since they don’t drink, but FTR says it’s chocolate milk. They “cheers” and talk about their big 12-man tag match against Dark Order. Omega says if things really escalate with Dark Order, he hopes FTR has their backs.

* The Dark Order are arguing about how to get things back in order. They realize Jungle Boy is in the room and think it’s Griff Garrison, they kick him out. Brodie Lee enters and says he just saw Jungle Boy leave, did they recruit him? Silver says that was Griff, Lee asks if Silver messed it up. Reynolds and Uno say no. Grayson (who doesn’t really like Silver anyways) says he did mess it up. Lee gets heated and whacks Silver with a stack of papers.

* Matt and Nick are trying to get a hold of Matt Hardy via texts, but haven’t heard back. Hardy then strolls in. The brothers say they tried to get a few bits going, but Hardy wasn’t around. Matt says he’s been a bit standoffish because when he came to AEW he thought he was going to do the whole “Broken Universe” and with the pandemic hitting, that changed things. Instead, Matt wants to be a pillar for AEW and help move the company forward, so he wants to go forward as “Matthew Hardy” a believer of something simple ? reality. Young Bucks say they need Matt and all of his personalities on Dynamite. Matt goes to talk with Hardy, opens the door and “Big Money” Matt is at the door. “Big Money” pretty much runs down the brothers, and leaves.

Nick asks Matt who he was talking to, says nobody was in the room with them. He thinks Matt is just super tired. Nick goes to throw some water in his eyes, goes to open the bathroom door and “V1” Matt Hardy shows up and talks about the brothers bullying Matthew Hardy. He leaves, Matt Jackson now didn’t see anything that just happened. Nick then says “shoot” which brings out “Broken” Matt’s bit. Cutler then walks into the room and can’t see Hardy, feels like the brothers are out of it and just need rest.

* Colt Cabana goes to talk with Kenny Omega, but he’s not in the EVP room. Cabana scopes out the place a bit and finds the AEW World Tag Team Championship. Colt waits for him, decides to take a nap on the couch and tells Cutler to turn out the lights. Cutler leaves, then sees Best Friends carrying some weapons. He knows they want to kill him, so he hides. The group think he’s in the EVP room (where Colt is sleeping). They see the room is dark, thinks it’s Cutler and attack. They give Colt polio and think they have finally killed him. The group walks out and realizes they didn’t attack Cutler. Brandon drops the camera and runs off while Best Friends wonder why they didn’t just turn the light on in the room.

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