There are several rumors going around on WWE possibly announcing a new “shoot-fight style” tournament or event during tonight’s RAW episode.

As we’ve noted, via @Wrestlevotes, there’s been word that a new “concept” will be announced tonight on RAW, one that was “raising eyebrows” backstage at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

In an update, the Voices of Wrestling Twitter account first noted that the new concept, which apparently will have the returning Shane McMahon involved, is “something akin to Brawl 4 All,” which is the shoot tournament that WWE held during the Attitude Era. Their rumor noted that these shoot fights would be complete with “female dancers” hired a extras to provide “atmosphere” for the concept.

Furthermore, local Florida reporter Jon Alba noted on Twitter that he’s also heard “a ton of rumblings” going around about a shoot-style fight tournament in WWE. Alba later noted that there is at least some accuracy to the rumors, and that the announcement on RAW will be about the shoot-fighting concept, but there’s no word on if this will be an actual shoot tournament or something worked.

Stay tuned for updates on tonight’s RAW and be sure to join us for live coverage at 8pm ET.

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