As previously noted, AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes recently began a membership platform for female wrestling fans called “AEW Heels”.

In the description provided by AEW, they noted that an annual fee of $49 will give members access to virtual meet-and-greets, video conference discussions with industry experts, Q&A sessions with AEW talent, customized merchandise, and much more.

Brandi took some time to speak with Wrestle Joy about the future of AEW Heels. In particular, she explained the future plans set for when AEW Heels can become more of an in-person experience.

“When we’re able to get back to business as usual, which I am so hopeful it happens sooner than later, I am very excited to get together and do a very big, first Heels everybody-get-together type of party,” Brandi said. “[It would] just be something that would revolve around something like a pay-per-view that happens on a weekend, so that hopefully as many people can make it as possible.

“Not unlike a lot of things that we have done with Starrcast events in the past, I would like to do a lot of things that are Heels specific,” she continued. “So, Heels specific meet-and-greets, VIP events, like I said, gatherings and parties. We can have all different types of themes, and there are various fun aspects to that. I also would love to do a Heels episode of Shot Of Brandi that we can shoot, and I’ll be a part of it and will have key individuals work with me on things.”

Brandi sees a bright future for the platform. Despite not being able to meet everyone in person, she hopes that the members of AEW Heels are as excited as she is for the virtual events scheduled for the remainder of 2020.

“The opportunities are endless. A lot of stuff that we are doing virtually will translate even better in person, so we’re just hoping and waiting. And in the meantime, I think everything that we have planned for the rest of the year to do virtually, and be a website, is going to be extremely fulfilling, and a whole lot of fun, and really just amp people up for the future.”

You can listen to the full interview below:

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