WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman debuted his new bald look during the closing segment of last night’s SmackDown on FOX.

That segment saw Alexa Bliss confront Strowman and try to talk “The Monster” out of him. She ended up slapping him several times, yelling at him to “wake up.” This led to Strowman pressing Bliss high over his head and holding her there. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt then began to make his arrival as the lights started to go down in the Performance Center. Right as the lights went black, Strowman tossed Bliss through the air but the lighting made it to where we couldn’t actually see Strowman throw Bliss to the mat.

The red lighting came back up and The Fiend was standing in the ring, over Bliss. Strowman was nowhere to be seen. The Monster suddenly appeared on the big screen, laughing for a few minutes while The Fiend looked on, also laughing inside his mask. Strowman finally yelled out at The Fiend, who then looked up from Bliss. Strowman and The Fiend had a brief staredown before SmackDown went off the air with a quick “Let me in!” from Wyatt.

Bliss did a sitdown interview earlier in the night where she talked about her friendship with Strowman, admitting that it’s possible they could take their relationship to the next level because they both cared about each other at one point. Regarding The Fiend, she said he’s scary and terrifying, but also compelling. Bliss said once you’ve interacted with The Fiend, it’s almost like you can feel his presence.

Strowman vs. The Fiend is currently planned for WWE SummerSlam on August 23, with the title on the line.

Above and below are videos from both segments on SmackDown, along with a few photos of Braun’s new look: