Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Dark Order celebrates Brodie Lee winning the AEW TNT Championship on this past Saturday’s Dynamite. Silver and Reynolds arrive with bags from Chilis and they continue celebrating.

* Nick and Matt talk about teaming with Kenny Omega at Dynamite against Dark Order, and how many trailers there are for their growing list of talent. Clips shown from Dynamite.

* Back to Dark Order celebrating, Lee notices Silver is standing next to him, tells him to switch with Grayson. He barks at Silver some more, then has a sharing session with the group about what they did with their millions of dollars from the Chilis deal.

* Matt and Nick are signing a bunch of cards that will be included for fans that pre-order their new book.

* Brandon Cutler talks with Peter Avalon about their match. Says he’s glad Avalon didn’t cheat, even though they didn’t win, he wants the win to mean something when it happens. Avalon is very frustrated with losing over and over, says he’s been wrestling for over 10 years and wants to win ? by any means necessary. Avalon says Cutler can do it his way, he’ll do it his way and when they are in the ring together, they will stay out of each other’s way.

* Backstage, Matt Hardy holding a chair similar to what Guevara used to bust him open a few weeks back. Matt and Nick show up and check on Hardy, who’s waiting for Guevara. Hardy says he was trying to end it tonight and it’s not over until he busts Guevara open. Nick says they could just fire him, but Hardy would rather beat him up, split his head open, and then they can fire him. Matt and Nick feel like Hardy is a bit off, he says he’s fine. Hardy continues that once he ends Guevara, they should get rid of him. Hardy heads off, Nick asks Matt Nick if they should fire Sammy, Matt says yeah.

* In the ring, Christopher Daniels wrestles Trent. Daniels takes a back body drop and says to the camera, “Help! I’ve bumped, and I can’t feed!” This is Daniels’ latest infomercial: “Bump Alert.”

* Speaking Spanglish (“El Soom”) with Alex Abahantes, Santana, and Ortiz. Abahantes and Ortiz are on a zoom call, but there’s no Santana. Instead, Sammy Guevara joins the “El Soom” call. Jake Hager joins the group, as does Willie Urbina. Alex asks Ortiz what invite list he used, and Ortiz sent it to everyone. A bunch more people join the call.

* Backstage, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page walk past Madusa (Alundra Blayze) and treat her like the actual Madusa where they can’t look at her in the eyes. She’s being super nice to them, but they are very frightened of her. Madusa says she’s got a bottle of Jack if they want to hang out. Page looks up, “You do?!” and immediately turns to stone. Madusa says she’s done it again…Page falls over like a statue as Omega checks on him.

* Cutler goes to leave and see a tiny trap on the floor with a sheet that says “Dumb D&D Sheet Thing” under it. Cutler takes it since it says D&D on it. Best Friends and Cassidy look on from a distance, but see their trap didn’t work.

* Dark Order hanging out, Lee tells them great night and hangs out on his own. Silver says Lee is the man, Lee wants a hug. Silver runs in for a hug and gets hip tossed over a table.

* The AEW doctor is looking over Colt Cabana, who’s face is now totally dipped in gold (he’s got gold tin foil over his head). He tells him he can still live a normal life, Colt responds he’s a freak of nature. He wants surgery or something done about the gold. The doc gives it a shot and “drills” away the gold as Colt yells in pain.

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