AEW’s Chris Jericho spent another Saturday evening pouring up some Grey Goose vodka and discussing wrestling during his Saturday Night Special. When asked about his favorite wrestlers growing up, Jericho chose one polarizing star that deserved his top spot.

“Hulk Hogan, and I love Ricky Steamboat as well but I was a Hulkamaniac, by far, all over the place… Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Owen Hart for sure,” Chris said.

When it comes to his favorite tag teams, Jericho found it difficult to decide between The Rockers and The Hart Foundation. However, he was decisive about his own favorite tag team partner from his career.

“The Rockers and The Hart Foundation [were my favorite tag teams]. My favorite tag team partner was The Big Show, by far. And I love Sammy Guevara too,” Chris explained.

On the subject of promos, Jericho believes that legendary WWE superstar John Cena didn’t get enough credit for the various ways he could deliver a speech. He notes that being able to captivate an audience is important, and Cena did it with both humor and seriousness.

“I always thought that Cena did great promos. He was a little bit underrated,” Chris said. “Cena was very good at understanding his crowd, understanding his audience and really connecting with them whether it was teenagers, or chicks, or whatever. He was always really good, and he can be super goofy and was super goofy, is super goofy, but also could be very serious and make you believe what he was saying. So, I think that is an underrated guy. And also, Hogan, Hulk Hogan in the 80s.”

Looking back on his career, Jericho wishes he could have competed in a high-caliber, standout match with “The Monday Night Messiah”, Seth Rollins. He also looks back on his matches with Jushin Thunder Liger with some regret.

“I spoke to Seth Rollins this week… We were just talking about how I commented on Twitter that I always enjoyed working with him,” Chris explained. “And he said, “I don’t feel as if we had our best match.’ And I agree, he and I never had that classic match that we probably would have had by now had I stayed there. And I feel the same way about Jushin Liger. I always enjoyed working with him though, I just feel I could have done better with him.”

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