CM Punk has some interesting advice for fellow WWE legend Rey Mysterio ahead of Dominik Mysterio’s debut match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam.

On last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Rollins and Murphy tied Dominik’s arms to the ropes and repeatedly struck Rey’s son with kendo sticks. While carrying out the attack, Rollins waved at the camera and mocked Rey, asking him to beg for forgiveness on behalf of his son.

“Beg, beg for mercy for your son, you coward,” Rollins yelled.

Soon after the vicious attack, Rey took to Instagram and wrote, “You took this to another level @wwerollins. You will FKN pay for this!!”

Punk responded to the post and asked Rey to shave Rollins’ head, “Bro, shave his head. Never been done,” he wrote.

Punk was referring to his Straight Edge Society Pledge vs. Hair Match against Rey Mysterio at Over The Limit 2010. Mysterio won that contest and proceeded to shave Punk’s head.

After last night’s show, WWE’s Instagram page posted a picture of the welts on Dominik’s body.

During the contract signing segment that opened Raw, Rollins announced that Dominik would be allowed to use any weapons during their SummerSlam match.

You can view Punk’s post below: