CM Punk took to Twitter today and once again joked about WWE’s new RETRIBUTION storyline.

Punk joked that the members of the new faction should be revealed as the grandchildren of the bosses of former pro wrestling territories, led by Greg Gagne, who is the son of former AWA owner & WWE Hall of Famer Verne Gagne.

“Retribution members should be the grandchildren of all the heads of former territories. Led by Greg Gagne,” Punk tweeted.

Despite Punk joking around, this was met with criticism by fans on Twitter. Punk joked again that fans aren’t ready for real longterm storytelling.

He wrote, “Gosh. Some of you just aren’t ready for long term story telling. [face with rolling eyes emoji]”

Punk then joked about a potential play-by-play call for the debut of the grandson of Bob Geigel, who is a former NWA President and NWA Central States promoter.


Punk then referenced the new WWE ThunderDome concept and commented on how the Road Warrior movies, or the Mad Max franchise, have been responsible for several pro wrestling names & gimmicks.

He wrote, “Unrelated, have the Road Warrior movies been responsible for the most pro wrestling gimmicks/names? A lot of you don’t understand this tweet. Road warriors, humongous, match beyond, thunder dome….”

Pro wrestling veteran Lance Storm replied with a comment on how the film franchise has also contributed to rip-off tag teams.

“If you count Road Warrior Rip off Tag Teams absolutely,” Storm replied.

Punk responded and name-dropped The Thrillseekers, which is the name of the tag team Storm started with Chris Jericho back in 1994 for the Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion.

“Thrillseekers,” Punk wrote back.

You can click here for Punk’s comments on RETRIBUTION from earlier this month.

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