UFC President Dana White Offers Advice To The Rock Regarding The XFL

As noted, former WWE Champion The Rock and his business partners are in the process of purchasing Vince McMahon's XFL football league for $15 million. You can click here for the latest on the acquisition and a motion that was filed in court by the XFL's creditors.

UFC President Dana White recently spoke with TMZ Sports about The Rock's latest venture, as seen in the video above. White offered some good advice to his friend, The Great One: get the league up and running fast while there's still a huge appetite for live sports.

"If I was The Rock, I would try to get that rolling as fast as I could. I'd try to get that on television ASAP. I guarantee you there's a ton of networks that would do it," White told TMZ.

White essentially told TMZ that there's a major opportunity for the XFL to thrive in 2020 if Rock and his partners can move quickly as COVID-19 continues to threaten the NFL, college football and other major sports leagues. The league found early success in the first 5 weeks of their relaunch season this year, before the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic forced them to fold for a second time.

"You have all these multi-millionaire athletes that don't wanna play right now," White said. "All these guys that don't wanna play, They wanna sit out ... don't wanna stay in the bubble, don't wanna do what it takes.

"Don't be surprised if The Rock slides right into that slot with some great programming. 'Cause let me tell you what, people are dying to watch live sports right now."

White also revealed that he was planning to be a sort of COVID-19 adviser to The Rock and his partners. White and the UFC have continued to successfully promote fights through the COVID-19 outbreak.

"I'm actually gonna call him today and walk him through what I think he needs to do on the COVID side of this thing. And, I have some ideas for him," White revealed.