WWE NXT Superstar Dexter Lumis is reportedly suffering from a legitimate ankle injury.

Lumis last competed on the July 29 NXT episode, where he defeated Finn Balor and Timothy Thatcher in the Triple Threat qualifier main event for “Takeover: XXX” and the Ladder Match for the vacant NXT North American Title. WWE then announced in the July 31 NXT Injury Report that Lumis suffered an osteochondral lesion of the talus in that match, or an ankle injury. They noted then that he would be undergoing further testing. It was then announced on Tuesday, August 4 that Lumis’ injury was worse than previously reported. The next night on the weekly NXT show it was announced that Lumis had been pulled from the Ladder Match at Takeover, due to the injury.

Bryan Alvarez recently noted on the F4Wonline.com message board that the injury to Lumis is legitimate. There is no word yet on when Lumis will be back in action, or if he will need surgery.

What’s worse is Lumis reportedly suffered the ankle injury doing the flip to the outside of the ring, which was heavily edited for the broadcast.

As seen below, the flip spot came early in the match after Lumis interrupted an exchange between Thatcher and Balor, sending them to the floor. He ran the ropes and flew out, sticking the landing between the two competitors. The match continued and eventually went to the first commercial break. The show returned from the break and Tom Phillips noted on commentary that Lumis had suffered an ankle injury before the break. Lumis continued working and ended up winning the match by making Thatcher pass out in the Silence submission.

Stay tuned for status updates on Lumis. You can see the flip below: