Drew McIntyre Issues Response To Tyson Fury Challenge

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has posted a response to the weekend challenge issued by pro boxer Tyson Fury.

As noted, Fury posted a video to Twitter on Sunday where he called out McIntyre.

"Been sitting on the train, after a long and busy weekend, and I'm thinking about people I want to punch in the face," Fury said. "And the first one that springs to mind is a big fella called, Drew McIntyre. Now, Drew, you've been having quite a bit to say about me, lately. I loved to punch your face in, honestly. Bang! Right in the lips. So, grow a pair, step up to the plate, and come fight the master ? me. So, this is an official challenge video to Drew McIntyre, the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world. I already knocked your pal out, Braun Strowman. I'll do the same to you. Bring it."

McIntyre responded via Twitter today and said he's pretty confident he could do 12 rounds with Fury's "pillow fists," even with a fractured jaw.

McIntyre wrote, "I'm not one of the normal bums you pick to fight, I'm not some punching bag getting paid to turn up and lose. Nice timing by the way, even with a fractured jaw I'm pretty confident I could do 12 rounds with your pillow fists. Nice try, 'King.' – Your @WWE Champion"

McIntyre is currently out of WWE action with a storyline injury from last Monday's punt kicks by Randy Orton. WWE announced on Sunday that the champ has a hairline fracture of the jaw, but it's believed this is just a storyline injury.

Fury and McIntyre have gone back & forth in the media since earlier this year. Fury made his WWE in-ring debut at Crown Jewel last year, defeating Braun Strowman by count out.

WWE's website covered the latest challenge & response between the two. Stay tuned for updates.

Below is the full response from McIntyre: