As they did with Week 1, WWE used several local indie wrestlers as the enhancement talents in Week 2 of RAW Underground during last night’s RAW episode.

We noted before how last night’s “worked shoot-style” fights saw Riddick Moss defeat second generation Superstar Cal Bloom, while Arturo Ruas defeated an enhancement talent, and Dabba-Kato defeated another enhancement talent. RAW Underground Week 2 also featured the first women’s action as Shayna Baszler beat up Emily Andzulis and two female enhancement talents.

In an update, Mikey Spandex was the indie wrestler who lost to Ruas. Spandex also appeared last week, winning the very first RAW Underground bout over indie wrestler Dante Marquis Carter. Spandex and Carter team together on the indies as Task Force. Carter was also used this week, in a losing effort to Kato.

The female enhancement talents used for the Baszler fight were indie wrestlers Marina Tucker and Sofia Castillo. Castillo is the talent who Baszler attacked at ringside before Tucker entered the ring.

Stay tuned for more updates on RAW Underground. Below are shots of the extras used last night, along with clips from this week’s segments: