Back in June an amended class action lawsuit was filed against WWE over misrepresentation of the company working with Saudi Arabia. A former WWE Superstar, identified as CW-2, was going to be a confidential witness against WWE.

The lawsuit pertains, in part, to WWE's flight being delayed out of Saudi Arabia after last October's Crown Jewel. Former WWE Spanish commentator Hugo Savinovich said WWE was owed millions of dollars for two of the shows previously held in Saudi Arabia. In retaliation, Vince McMahon cut off the Crown Jewel live feed, which then led to the Crown Prince ordering WWE talent to be taken off the flight before it was scheduled to leave the country. WWE denied these claims, citing mechanical issues were the reason for the delay.

In the lawsuit, the wrestler (CW-2) asked a stewardess on the flight about the delay, and was told that "it seems someone doesn't want us to leave the country." He added that the pilot sounded "distressed" when he told the passengers that the flight was unable to depart. The wrestler allegedly asked WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano about what was happening. Carano reportedly told him that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and McMahon had gotten into an argument over money due from the June 7, 2019 Super ShowDown event.

WWE's longtime attorney Jerry McDevitt denied these claims, and filed a motion to dismiss the case on June 26. It looks like Judge Jed Saul Rakoff has denied that request, and the lawsuit will continue on.

Below, in a video for Lucha Libre Online, Savinovich is now saying two additional former WWE Superstars are possibly willing to come forward and speak publicly on what happened in Saudi Arabia.

"There is something much deeper that I am not going to touch right now, but what the WWE lawyer had said that that lawsuit was going to fall, the judge has said: 'No, this continues,'" Savinovich said (translated from Spanish to English by William Beltran of "So, this case, where the WWE lawyer tried to ruin my reputation, actually it backfired on him.

"The lawsuit will have to go on, we will see. I am also being informed, there are possibly two more wrestlers who participated in that event, who would be willing to testify against WWE. I can't assure you it, yet, but two wrestlers who would be willing to say publicly what happened in Saudi Arabia."

William Beltran contributed to this article.