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Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to night two of Emergence! We kick things off with Eddie Edwards and his open challenge!

Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Rob Van Dam (w/Katie Forbes) (Impact World Championship)

The bell rings. Both men square up in the middle of the ring. Rob Van Dam goes for a standing switch, followed by a side headlock. Eddie Edwards escapes with a baseball slide. Edwards keeps going with a belly-to-belly suplex. RVD slides out of the ring. Edwards flies through the ropes with a tope suicida. Edwards does it again. Van Dam gets up. Edwards chops Van Dam’s chest. Katie Forbes gets in Edwards’ face. Van Dam sneaks up from behind and sends him face-first into the ring post. Van Dam slams Edwards on top of the guardrail. Van Dam lands a spinning kick on Edwards. Van Dam rolls Edwards back into the ring for a cover. Edwards kicks out at 2.

Both men exchange back-and-forth forearms. Van Dam trips Edwards. Forbes climbs up on the apron and kicks Edwards in the face, then twerks in front of the camera. Van Dam connects another spinning kick in the corner. Edwards smashes Van Dam on the mat with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Both men get up. Van Dam connects a scissors kick. Edwards counters with a powerbomb. Van Dam kicks out of the pinfall at 2. Edwards sets Van Dam up on the top rope. Van Dam pushes Edwards off of him. Van Dam lands a big-time kick off the top rope, followed by the Rolling Thunder. Van Dam heads up top again. He misses his chance with the Five Star Frog Splash. Edwards meets him in the center with a Boston Knee Party. Edwards grabs the pin and retains his championship.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Post-Match: Eric Young runs down to the ring and attacks Edwards. He yells out that he’ll see Edwards next week for the Championship!

After the opening match, Mathews and Rayne run through tonight’s card. Once they summarize all the matches for tonight, we head back to Wrestle House to see what’s been going on since last Tuesday!

At Wrestle House, Taya Valkyrie arranged a group bonding event. It looks like it’ll be a toga party. The Deaners are both in togas. Johnny Swinger has a leopard print one on. Swinger tells Crazzy Steve he needs to find a new style because his toga looks like something he put together at last second.

Back from the break, everyone has gathered together in the living room for their toga party. They are all having drinks and dancing. Kylie Rae comes into the room and greets everyone. Valkyrie starts talking to her, but she throws up midway. The Deaners corner Acey Romero on if he took their beer. Romero said they asked that question last week; he never took their beer. They all call for a truce. Larry D barges into Steve and Swingers’ conversation. Larry D ducks down and Swinger accidentally throws powder in Steve’s face. Tommy Dreamer steps in after Steve tells Dreamer that Swinger purposely threw the powder at him and tried to blind him. Dreamer creates a stipulation match for Swinger and Steve. It’ll be a blindfold match, and whoever loses, has to dress like the winner next week. The match has been made:

Johnny Swinger vs. Crazzy Steve (Loser Has To Dress Like The Winner Next Week) (w/ Cousin Jake as a special guest referee)

Both men are blindfolded in this match. Everyone on the outside is directing each of them to where the other is. Steve hears the cheers. He knows he’s getting closer to Swinger. Steve rolls Swinger up with a schoolboy pin, and wins the match.

Winner: Crazzy Steve

Back at the Impact Zone: Edwards is looking all over for EY.

Back from the break, Rhino wants to challenge Reno Scum to a match next week. Rhino wants Heath to be by his side when he rips both members of Reno Scum apart with “Gores.” He asks fans to tweet out #Heath4Impact, so Heath can come back to the Impact Zone and partner up with him.

Edwards heads down to the ring again. He grabs the microphone and says that he accepts EY’s challenge, but why not do it right here, right now. EY’s music hits. EY makes his way out.

Young believes that Edwards’ approach is “pathetic.” Young says that he and Edwards are two different levels; one plays chess (Young), while the other (Edwards) is too busy playing checkers. He doesn’t want the match right now, he wants it next week. Edwards accepts that, but he says Young will not go away without an ass-whooping. Both men brawl outside the ring. Several referees and Scott D’Amore run down the ramp to separate the two.

Backstage: After winning the X-Divison Championship last week, Rohit Raju is proud to call himself the new champion! He welcomes all challengers to step up to him.

Rayne is back with more content on this week’s episode of “Locker Room Talk.” Her co-hosts this week are Wentz and Dez. Her guests this week are Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Rayne asks Austin and Fulton how they’re holding up after their loss from The Good Brothers last week. The Rascalz can’t help but giggle. Wentz starts to “cough” and says, “They beat your ass,” to Fulton. Fulton gets in both men’s faces. Fulton and Austin leave. The Rascalz invite Rayne to The Treehouse. She politely declines and ends her segment.

The “ICU” leader, Sami Callihan, has a chilling message to RVD. He forewarns RVD and Forbes that he’ll be back at the Impact Zone next week to, “Beat RVD’s ass.”

Back from the break, we see EC3 sitting and reflecting on his accolades, which includes winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, twice. He says that he gave everything he had just to earn some sort of respect. All that he got in return was pain, hurt and regret. He says that he’s not afraid to put himself on the line again. He wants to go back to being the man that he used to be: happy, proud and free. In order to do that, he needs to destroy the TNA Championship. Once he wins that title back, he can destroy it, and finally set himself free.

We head back to the ring for some singles action!

Brian Myers vs. Willie Mack

The bell rings. Both men go back-and-forth with standing switches. Willie Mack gains control with a wrist lock on Brian Myers. Myers looks for some separation. Mack connects a strong shoulder tackle, which sends Myers off his feet. Myers pounds Mack in the back, and near the throat. Myers rolls Mack over with a pin. Mack kicks out at 2. Mack sends Myers flying with a hurricanrana, followed by a dropkick. Myers gets up. Both men shove one another before Myers lands on top of Mack with a takedown. Myers puts Mack in a front facelock. Mack fights out of it with a couple of shots. Mack lands a sunset flip but gets caught with a back elbow from Myers.

Myers goes back to putting Mack in a facelock. Myers breaks it up with a few shots. Myers crashes into the mat with a spinebuster. Mack builds momentum with a series of moves including a spinning kick and a body slam. Mack goes for a cover, Myers kicks out. Mack tries his standing moonsault on Myers, but he can’t grab another pinfall. Myers and Mack find themselves on and near the ropes. Myers gets Mack off of him with a nasty headbutt. Next, he soars through the air with a flying elbow. Myers goes for a cover, Mack kicks out at 2. Mack gets caught up. Myers grabs Mack’s trunks, rolls him up again, and steals the win.

Winner: Brian Myers

Heath is all for teaming up with Rhino next week, but he needs your support. #Heath4Impact

Back at Wrestle House, Rosemary is all ready to go out on her date with Larry D. Alisha Edwards wants to talk to Rosemary before her date. She knows that Rosemary is using Larry D to make John E Bravo jealous. Alisha informs Rosemary that she’s breaking Bravo’s heart. Dreamer tells Bravo that he needs to man up and stop Rosemary’s date with Larry D.

Rosemary finds Larry D and begins to cough after smelling his new cologne. Bravo finds both Larry D and Rosemary. He tries to put an end to their date by slapping Larry D. Dreamer calls for a match!

Larry D vs. John E Bravo (w/Acey Romero as their guest referee)

Larry D sends Bravo down, twice, with two punches towards the face. Larry D picks up the pinfall.

Winner: Larry D

Post-Match: Bravo admits to Valkyrie that he has feelings for Rosemary. Valkyrie blames Rosemary for everything including this Wrestle House show. She thinks that Rosemary is jealous of her. Valkyrie challenges Rosemary to a “Winner Takes All” match, which includes Bravo.

Speaking of additional matches, Rayne and Mathews announce the other matches made for next week’s card. It’ll be:

Madman Fulton & Ace Austin vs. The Rascalz

RVD vs. Sami Callihan

And, Eddie Edwards vs. Eric Young for the Impact World Championship

Up next, our main event match!

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Jordynne Grace (30-Minute Ironman Match for the Knockouts Championship)

Both women square up. Jordynne Grace rolls Deonna Purrazzo through, but they are both tightly locked up. Grace tries to gain wrist control. Purrazzo rolls through but gets locked up again. They both break it up and restart. Purrazzo puts Grace in a side headlock. Grace gets her knee over Purrazzo’s neck to reverse the hold. Grace wraps her legs around Purrazzo’s neck. Purrazzo flips out of it. Grace rolls her towards a pin. Purrazzo gets her shoulders up at 2. Grace outpaces Purrazzo with several arm drags. Grace locks in a single leg Boston Crab. Purrazzo grabs the bottom rope for a break.

We are back. No falls occurred during the commercial break. Grace and Purrazzo play cat and mouse for a minute before Purrazzo pump kicks Grace in the face. Purrazzo stomps on top of Grace’s right elbow. Grace is riving in pain. Purrazzo puts more damage on Grace’s injured arm. Grace breaks free for a moment from Purrazzo’s arm lock, but Purrazzo rolls through and sets another one on Grace. Grace gets her foot up on the bottom rope. Purrazzo goes for two nearfall attempts, but Grace kicks out each time. Purrazzo sends Grace to the outside before the second commercial break.

Back from the final commercial break, we see that during the break, Purrazzo stomped on Grace’s injured hand once more. Purrazzo goes for another pin, Grace kicks out. Purrazzo bends Grace’s wrist back. Grace rises to her feet and breaks out of the hold with a headbutt to Purrazzo’s midsection. Grace sets Purrazzo up on the top rope. Purrazzo pushes Grace off her. Grace connects a big palm strike, then heads back up to the second rope. She sends Purrazzo to the other side of the ring with a beautiful superplex.

Both women exchange shots before Grace sends Purrazzo down with several clotheslines and a senton. Grace hooks the leg on Purrazzo. Purrazzo kicks out at 2. Grace locks Purrazzo up with a Coquina Clutch. Purrazzo starts to fade. Graces gets the first fall.

Grace – 1, Purrazzo – 0

Purrazzo shifts gear with a leg lock of her own. Grace gets her arm wrapped around the bottom rope. Grace is looking for her signature driver. Purrazzo breaks free with several back elbows. Purrazzo pulls the referee out in front of her. The referee gets knocked down by Grace. Grace finally connects her Grace Driver, but the referee doesn’t make his way over for her pinfall attempt. Purrazzo rolls out of the ring and smacks Grace in the face with her championship. Purrazzo goes for the pin and gets it. Purrazzo has earned her first pinfall.

Grace – 1, Purrazzo – 1

Purrazzo locks in her Fujiwara armbar on Grace’s damaged arm. Grace taps out. Purrazzo gains her second pinfall, and the win. Purrazzo retains the Knockouts Championship.

Purrazzo – 2, Grace – 1

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

That concludes tonight’s show. Thanks for watching!

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