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– Intro video shows last week’s promo by Rich Swann where he announced his retirement. Clips are shown of his matches in Impact. We see Swann head to the top of the stage on his own as the roster cheers him on. Eric Young then attacks him on the stage and hits him in the cast with a crutch.

– Backstage, Willie Mack and Eric Young are battling each other. The two are scheduled for an official match tonight, but things are already heated at the moment. They finally make their way to the ring. More back and forth action, but the two are pulled apart by security and a referee. Mack gets on the microphone, he tells Young he’s going to beat the bricks off of him and wants to have the match right now instead of later. Young says “this will be on my time!” and heads towards the back. Mack goes after him and brings him back to the ring, each wrestler throwing punches and kicks. Mack finally tosses Young in the ring and the match officially starts.

Willie Mack vs. Eric Young

Young stomps away at Mack, but Mack returns fire with a few kicks. Young gets thrown out to the floor, Mack splash down on Young on the floor. He tosses Young back in the ring, cover, two-count. Young drops Mack, climbs up and hits an elbow drop, cover, two. Young puts Mack down again, cover, two-count. Young up to the second rope, leaps, caught in midair, northern lights suplex for a two count. He is back up and drops Mack with a clothesline. Impact Wrestling’s Twitch channel went down, unfortunately that makes it tough to do play-by play. Mack puts Young’s ankle in a chair, climbs the turnbuckle, Young is up and crotches him. Young gives Mack a piledriver, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Eric Young via Pinfall

– The Good Brothers are on the hunt for Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.

– Wrestle House, Taya calls another house meeting. Wonders were Cousin Jake is, he’s not feeling so great. She then asks where Susie is and Alisha says she’s not feeling good either. Two people head off to check on them, Jake and Susie are actually going on a date. Taya then puts on her Impact debut, so everyone can watch it. Nobody is really paying attention though. Rosemary and Crazzy Steve talk, Rosemary says they could pick up where they left off (one Decayed stablemates). Steve feels like Rosemary is jealous of something as we see John E. Bravo giving Rosemary a shoulder rub.

– Backstage, Reno Scum attack Rhino and attempt to take a wad of cash. Rhino fights back at first, but Reno overwhelms him and takes it back for Hernandez.

Kimber Lee vs. Jordynne Grace

Big shoulder tackle by Grace, clothesline, sidewalk slam, cover, two. Lee whipped hard into the corner, Grace charges in, Lee pulsl the referee in the way. Grace tries again, nobody home, Lee on the apron and she lands a big kick to Grace. Lee with a modified single leg boston crab. Lee with a kick to the back. Grace back up, lands a bunch of shoulder tackles, back elbow, spinebuster, pin, two-count.

Back and forth pin attempts, no luck for either wrestler. Lee with an enziguri, german suplex with the bridge for a two-count. Lee up on the top turnbuckle, Grace follows, headbutt by Lee and Grace falls back. Lee tries for a swanton bomb, knees up, Grace with a rear naked choke for the tap out.

Winner: Jordynne Grace via Submission

– Locker Talk hosted by Madison Rayne, she has a sponsor, which is Heath plugging himself as the hottest free agent in wrestling with the #Heath4IMPACT hashtag. Says he wants the fans to get that trending. Rayne then brings in Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes as this week’s guest. Rayne asks a question about how they feel about being together. They’re barely listening and end up just making out on the couch. Rayne decides to bounce, when they stop kissing, they decide to take the show. Forbes then interviews RVD and asks him about what his favorite thing is about her. “It gives everybody one more reason to be RVD.” ICU graphic suddenly shows up and Sami Callihan appears next to them. Callihan attacks RVD and looks to give him a piledriver, but Forbes sprays him in the eyes with some hairspray. RVD and Forbes stomp away on him.

– Backstage, The Rascalz meet up, Trey is wearing Suicide’s mask and they goof around a bit. Moose then bumps into Wentz (Who was wearing a Free EC3) hoodie. Moose asks about why he’s wearing that! He says he just found it after EC3 left it on the ground. Moose tells him to take it off. Moose then hands out an invitation to “Suicide” (it’s actually Trey) for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Moose says he’s beaten him before and he’ll do it again.

– Wrestle House, Rosemary thinks about making John E. Bravo jealous, but she’s not into any of the other guys at the house. She finally settles on one and blows him a kiss. Cut to Susie hanging out with Jake, Alisha tells Susie she’ll be nearby if she needs help. Susie comes into the room and they sit at opposite ends of a very long table. From what was said earlier, Susie tells Jake she has “the runs,” he’s not sure what to say. Acey gets into an argument with Larry D, Tommy Dreamer comes out and announces it’s match time. Acey feels like something is off with Larry D.

Larry D vs. Acey Romero

Romero with a big splash that brings Larry down. Dropkick by Romero, he tries for another, Larry avoids it and stomps Romero. Larry waits for Romero to get up, throws a punch, misses, Romero pops him. Larry then lands a big shot to the face, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Larry D via Pinfall

– Post-match, a smitten Larry D tells Rosemary that win was for her! Bravo looks to haven noticed something going on with Rosemary and Larry.

– Backstage, Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo says if Grace is so delusional about taking her on again, how about a 30-Minute Ironman Match at Emergence?

– Hype video for Impact World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns and The North. The two teams will meet next week at Emergence.

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan vs. Nevaeh and Havok (No DQ Match)

Hogan and Steelz hide after making their entrance and get the sneak attack on their opponents. In the ring, Havok catches Steelz in midair and hits a big slam. Hogan and Nevaeh continue to brawl with weapons out on the floor. Havok with a running boot to Steelz. Hogan grabs Havok’s boot, Steelz swings a chair at Havok’s back. She then throws it to her and kicks it back into Havok’s face. Nevaeh drops Steelz, cover, two-count. On the outside, Havok charges in, Hogan moves and Havok crashes into the steps.

Nevaeh hits a clothesline on Steelz. Hogan and Steelz work together to beat up Nevaeh, attacks in the corner, Hogan with a low dropkick to the face. Hogan begins to dominate the match, looks for a cover, only two. Hogan takes a kick by Havok, then a german suplex by Nevaeh. Havok brings a table to the party. All four women swinging away in the ring. Havok looks for a tombstone piledrive on Steelz, Hogan frees her partner. Double suplex attempt on Havok, nope, they go for a ride instead.

Havok runs at them, they open the ropes and she ends up on the apron. Havok brings Steelz with her, she locks in a sleeper on Havok, then gets away. Hogan with a kick and Havok goes down and through the table. Nevaeh smacks Steelz with a street sign, Hogan knocks it away, hits a twisting northern lights suplex for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz via Pinfall

– Backstage, The Good Brothers find Scott D’Amore, who tells them they can’t go around backstage intimidating people. The two say they are going to the ring and aren’t leaving until Ace Austin and Fulton show up.

– Backstage, a projection of EC3’s image shows up on a wall as Moose walks by. EC3 says he must destroy the TNA World Heavyweight Title, so therefore he must destroy Moose. “You have been warned.” Moose look around nervously and heads off.

Suicide vs. Dez with Wentz

Dez throws a few shots to his opponent. They barely get going through as The Good Brothers make their way to the ring. Gallows and Anderson attack, and that’s it for this short match. They get rid of all three guys.

Match ends in a no contest.

– Anderson on the mic, he says Ace and Fulton have gotten themselves involved with the wrong brothers. They say they will wait all night until they come out. Gallows says that wasn’t the first time he was behind bars, now come out so they can hand their asses to them. Ace and Fulton come up on the big screen, but Ace lets them know they aren’t in the building, and aren’t even in the same state. Ace is wearing his striped pants in honor of Gallows going to jail. Ace then says the right time for them to meet in the ring is night one of Emergence (next week). Good Brothers are good with that announcement.

– Flashback moments of the week: Cody taking on Eddie Edwards. Edwards picks up the victory via pinfall.

– Dressing room, X-Division Champion Chris Bey talks with Rohit Raju. Raju says everyone saw TJP pin Bey last week, but Bey responds he isn’t scared. Raju says TJP is going to want a title shot and Bahh will likely be in his corner. He then offers up the idea that Bey could put up his title against both Raju and TJP. Raju then can help Bey in the match, so he’ll have an easier time retaining. Bey actually likes the idea and says, “let’s do it.”

– Coming soon vignette for Brian Myers. “I’m Brian Myers, and I’m the most professional wrestler.”

– Wrestle House, back to Jake and Susie’s awkward date. Jake says he’s happy to see this side of Susie as he always thought of her as an undead bride, psycho, but now he sees the real her. Susie then goes into her crazy Su Yung mode for a moment and scares Jake away. Alisha comes in to check on Susie, sees things don’t go so well. Susie tells Alisha maybe her advice was bad. Alisha didn’t like that and wants a match!

Susie vs. Alisha

Alisha shoves Susie, and gets slapped by Susie. The two rolls around a bunch and pull at each other’s hair. Crazzy Steve is the referee and tries to get between them. Susie gets Alisha down, both back up and then back down after hitting double clotheslines. Back and forth shots. Forearm shot by Alisha puts Susie on the mat. Susie with some back elbows, roll up for the victory.

Winner: Susie via Pinfall

– Post-match, Taya then strolls out and wants everyone to come back in and watch the match when she wins the title. Kylie Rae then has a question and wants to know if they can just go to sleep instead of doing all these group activities. Taya calls Rae a loser with that mentality. Susie then points out Rae beat Taya twice and is the number one contender. Taya talks some trash, so Rae says how about another match. Taya passes and says she’ll book Rae in next week.

– Next week’s Emergence matches:

* The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. The North (Impact World Tag Team Championship)
* The Good Brothers vs. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton
* Taya Valkyrie vs. Kylie Rae
* Moose (c) vs. Trey Miguel (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)
* Chris Bey (c) vs. Rohit Raju vs. TJP (Impact X-Division Championship)

Emergence matches in two weeks:

* Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Jordynne Grace (30 Minute Ironman Match for the Impact Knockouts Championship)
* Eddie Edwards to defend the Impact World Championship (if he retains tonight)

– Eddie Edwards calls out Eric Young to a match, and instead gets the music of Brian Myers (fka Curt Hawkins). Myers walks out to the ring with a microphone in hand. He knows Eddie was expecting Young, but the thing is what Edwards is holding is just a belt, but when he holds it, that becomes a championship because “I’m the most professional wrestler.”

Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Brian Myers (Impact World Championship)

Edwards moves forward, Myers goes right to the ropes for the break. He ends up in the ropes again and yells for a clean break. Myers gets some momentum, side headlock takedown, shoulder tackle, and then eats back elbow. Edwards tries for a cover, two-count. Edwards with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex, headbutt. Myers sends Edwards into the ring post though to get a breather.

Myers continues the attack with elbows and knees, cover, one-count. Myers continues to work over Edwards with a reverse chinlock. Myers sent out to the floor and Edwards hits a big suicide dive, shoving Myers back into the barricade. Edwards selling his knee being banged up after the move. Myers shoves Edwards back into the barricade. Myers just waits in the ring for Edwards to get back in and he stomps away. Back suplex on Eddie, cover, two.

Edwards throws a back elbow, suplex into the corner, and both men are down. Edwards chops down Myers, throws him into the corner, but Myers throws an elbow, heads to the top, Edwards cuts him off and hits a backpack stunner, cover, two. Edwards tries for the tiger driver, no, Myers with a high-elevation DDT, cover, two. Myers in the corner, charges in, eats a superkick, tiger driver lands, cover, two-count. Boston knee party, no, Myers lands a kick, Myers bounces off the ropes but runs right into a boston knee party, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Pinfall