Impact Wrestling Results: Moose Vs. Heath, Eddie Edwards Defends Impact World Title

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Moose (c) vs. Heath (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

Heath clotheslines Moose out to the floor, he looks to fly, but Moos pops back up on the apron. Heath punches him in the face, then sends him face-first into the steps and the barricade. Moose fights back, Heath back in the ring and then hits a dropkick on the champ. Out on the floor, he continues to beat up Moose, throws him into the ring post, and finally back into the ring.

Heath with a kick, but gets lifted and dropped down over the top rope. Moose then chokes him over the rope. Back and forth shots in the ring, Moose with a big dropkick, cover, two. Pump kick by the champ, punches to the head, and then launches the challenger into the corner. Moose talks some trash, throws a kick, but it's blocked, Heath with some punches, running forearms. Moose returns fire with a kick to the midsection.

Misdirection by Heath, rising knee, side kick, cover, two. Heath with a school boy, two, Moose charges and Heath moves out of the way. Heath then throws Moose into the referee by mistake. Heath hits his finisher (the wake up call), cover, Moose isn't kicking out, but the referee is still down. Heath shakes the referee to wake up. Heath picks Moose up, but Moose hits a lowblow, referee crawls over, Moose has a handful of Heath's pants as the referee counts very slowly to three.

Winner: Moose via Pinfall

- Impact Emergence will take place in two weeks (and is a two-week event). So far on the card, it will be Deonna Purrazzo defending the Impact Knockouts Championship against Jordynne Grace.

- Backstage, Willie Mack is asked about what Rich Swann's announcement later tonight could be. Mack says Swann has kept the information very close to his chest, so he's not really sure. He's thinking it might have to do with Eric Young's attack on Swann.

- EC3 talks about some of the greats in TNA. EC3 says he once had his moment, but since then he's been punished by the fans, by a corporation, and even himself. "To find your purpose, you must control your narrative." EC3 talks about the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and says he's back to reclaim it, then burn its legacy to the ground. EC3 tells Moose he has been warned.

- In the ring is Jimmy Jacobs to talk with Impact World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns. Sabin and Shelley are asked why they came back to Impact. Shelley says he and Sabin haven put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into wrestling. He felt like they needed to challenge themselves by returning to the company. They were last in Impact in 2012, and Shelley says after that they went their separate ways, but was really proud of what he and Sabin both did. Shelley talked about Sabin coming back from a serious injury and was able to get back in the ring. Sabin said as they continued to train, they realized maybe they needed to team up again. The duo then runs down some of the top teams in the tag division, including The North, who just so happen to come out and interrupt the champs.

Alexander feels like Sabin and Shelley are getting preferential treatment, not only getting to talk in the ring (unlike when The North were champs, they never got to talk about their big win a year ago), but also getting a title shot right when they came back. Alexander mentions the champs did beat The North. Ethan Page freaks out at that though, he said The Motor City Machine Guns got them at about 40% and they wouldn't have won if The North was at 100%. Shelley says The North shouldn't be so bothered, they learned a lesson, they weren't going to take the titles to the grave with them. Shelley then says they can have their rematch, whenever they want, so, how about now? Page says no way to that! Alexander then says they will meet on their own time, and that will be at Emergence.

- Dressing room, Kimber Lee walks into where Deonna Purrazzo is hanging out. Lee says if Purrazzo doesn't take Grace seriously, she's going to lose that title at Emergence. Lee offers up a deal though, if she can take out Grace for Deonna, then she gets a title shot. "Deal," Purrazzo says.

- Wrestle House segment with Taya getting most of the group to gather in the living room. Taya talks about being trapped in the house with a bunch of people with bad hygiene. John E. Bravo then hands out a personal grooming kit to everyone. Kylie Rae says she doesn't mean to offend, but wonders when they get to go back to the Impact Zone. Alisha Edwards tries to give Susie some relationship advice, Johnny Swinger butts in, and gets told off. Swinger says he could handle both Susie and Edwards, Tommy Dreamer shows up and announces it's match time. So, apparently a match will be coming up? Everyone heads out of the room and Taya is annoyed because she didn't get to talk about what she wanted to.

Susie and Alisha Edwards vs. Johnny Swinger (Handicap Match)

Swinger flexes and asks if they want to kiss them, they grab his arms and trip him. Double kicks, they send him into the ropes, and he puts his arms around them, double russian leg sweep. Double wishbone on Swinger, double crossbody splashes, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Susie and Alisha Edwards via Pinfall

- Back in the Wrestle House, Kylie talks with Bravo. She wants to officially introduce herself, but Bravo says he's really busy. Rae wants to talk about him and Rosemary. Rae says apparently they can't leave until Bravo gets the hint (she wants to get back to the Impact Zone). Bravo says he gets it and knows what Rosemary wants, then heads off.

- Flashback Moment of the Week: Sami Callihan beats Brian Cage to win the Impact World Championship.

- Parking lot, The Good Brothers are heading to their truck, doors are opens and they have empty beer cans around the vehicle. Some cops roll up to see what's going on. They see the open containers. Gallows and Anderson try to explain the alcohol isn't theirs. Ace Austin them comes up and trash talks them, bringing up they are a bunch of "booze hounds." Gallows goes at him, Madman Fulton attacks, but gets elbowed away. A police office then goes at Gallows and gets hit. Gallows realizes he hit an officer and stops to apologize. The police handcuff him and take him away. Austin tells Gallows to let him know how prison food tastes. Anderson tries to talk with the police that it was a setup, but to no avail.

- Flashback Moment: Beer Money wins their first tag titles in 2008.

- "Coming Soon" vignette: Brian Myers (fka Curt Hawkins) pacing around the ring, "trust the process."

- Eddie Edwards comes out for his title match and out comes his challenger, Sami Callihan. RVD attacks him from behind and Katie Forbes taunts him while RVD beats him up. The duo head off.

Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Sami Callihan (Impact World Championship)

Callihan is initially being helped to the back, but he stumbles to the ring and says he wants the match. He walks up to Edwards and slaps him in the face. Edwards looks for a tiger driver, cover, two-count. Edwards continues to beat Callihan up, Edwards with a running forearm. Edwards runs in again, Callihan side-steps and sends him out of the ring. Callihan hits a suicide dive on Edwards.

Edwards recovers, gets back in the ring and hits a suicide dive of his own. They make their way to the apron, Edwards looks for a tiger driver, Callihan digs away at Edwards' eye, he then hits a piledriver on the apron! Edwards is out on the floor, referee going to start up his ten-count, now Sami has to get the champion back in the ring if he wants the title. He then throws Edwards into the barricade, referee stops his count for whatever reason.

Edwards is finally sent back into the ring. Callihan with an elbow drop, cover, two. Back and forth strikes, both wrestlers end up down. Edwards hits a blue thunder bomb for a two-count. Callihan with a kick to the face, brainbuster, pin, two. Callihan with a modified GTS, sliding forearm, cover, two. Edwards gets back into the match, big kick, tiger driver, cover, two-count. Callihan with a slap to the face, piledriver, he goes for yet another pin, Edwards gets his foot on the rope. Callihan rolls out to the floor, goes under the ring and gets a chair. He decides not to use it, throws it out to the floor, Edwards charges in and hits a boston knee party, then another one to the back of Callihan's head, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Pinfall

- Back to Wrestle House, Rae talks with Bravo to see if he's okay as he leaves the house with his luggage. Rosemary and Taya are now looking for Bravo. They run into Kylie and asks where he went. Kylie tells them about Bravo needing to take a hint. Rosemary is super mad and calls for Dream to announce that it's match time!

Rosemary vs. Kylie Rae (with Taya as the Special Guest Referee)

Rosemary waits for Taya to distract Rae and strikes from behind. Rae gets back up, headlock takedown on her opponent, jackknife pin, Taya is super slow to count. Rae then "takes" Rosemary's nose, Rosemary wants it back! She complains to Taya, finally goes over to Rae and checks her hand, nothing is there. Rosemary then sends Rae down to the mat and stomps her out in the corner.

Rosemary charges in the corner, nobody home, Rae with a big european uppercut, then hits a cannonball senton, cover, Taya with a super slow two-count. Rae is complaining to Taya. Rosemary is back up and throws some punches, then lands a big spear. Rosemary with the pin, Taya with a fast-count, but it's only for two. Rosemary then see Bravo is actually at ringside cheering her on. She smiles at him and turns right around into a superkick, cover, Taya with another very slow count, but she is forced to count to three.

Winner: Kylie Rae via Pinfall

- Post-match, Bravo then gets in the ring to talk with Rosemary about coming back. Bravo says Taya is his best friend and has done a lot for him. He says if Taya found out about them, she wouldn't be happy. Rosemary says maybe she doesn't have to know about them. Taya then takes Bravo by the ear out of the ring because they have things to do. Cut to Rosemary talking to the camera in another room, "As long as it takes," she says with a smile.

- Backstage, Anderson talks with Gallows on the phone and says he'll get there as soon as he can to bust him out. Austin rolls up and taunts Anderson, Karl throws a big punch and drops him. Fulton is not far behind though and he pops Anderson. Austin gets in a few shots, then jabs a broom handle into Anderson's midsection.

- Backstage, Hernandez needs to get his money back, he talks with Reno Scum about helping him get it. They are willing to assist him, and bounce.

Chris Bey and Rohit Raju vs. TJP and Fallah Bahh

Bey and TJP get things started, back and forth attacks. TJP fakes going in, Bey tries to count with a dropkick, and just goes flat to the mat. TJP then pops his arm back. Raju tries the sneak attack, misses, Bahh tags in, belly-to-belly suplex. Bahh sent out to the floor as Bey swings away on TJP, cover, two. Raju trips up TJP, cover, two-count.

Raju works the arm, TJP tries to get back to his corner, inverted atomic drop, but Raju lifts and drops TJP, running knee, cover, two. Bey tags in, big running elbow in the corner, snapemare, knee to the spine, Bey then yanks back on TJP's arms. TJP hits a donkey kick to break out of the submission. TJP with a tornado DDT and tags in Bahh. Raju also tags in and eats a shoulder tackle, then sent into the corner. Bahh with a big splash in the corner. Raju with a rising knee. Both end up tagging out against. TJP hits an inverted atomic drop, springboard forearm, suplex, back suplex, heads to the top, Raju with the distraction, TJP leaps, rolls through. Both Bey and Raju lands strikes on TJP, cover, Bahh breaks it up. Raju sends Bahh out to the floor. Bey tries for a springboard move, but TJP catches his in midair with an armbreaker locked in, and forces the X-Division Champion to tap out.

Winners: TJP and Fallah Bahh via Submission

- Backstage, a very serious Rich Swann gets his crutches and makes his away out to the ring for his announcement.

- Swann heads to the ring (with crutches and a cast on his foot) as we see clips of Swann making his return to the ring at Slammiversary. He pinned Eric Young at the PPV, but afterwards Young crushed his ankle with a chair. Swann had just dealt with an injury to that area that kept him out for most of 2020. Swann gets the mic and says with hard work, dedication, love, and support, he was able to become a pro wrestler. He continues that he was able to look at the doubters and live his dream. Swann talks about his devastating injury that happened earlier this year, and when he went to the doctor, he told Swann he'd probably walk with a limp for the rest of his life.

Rich says he went home and busted his ass as hard as he could to prove that doctor wrong. As months went by, Swann says he could himself getting stronger, he went back to the doctor and got an MRI. The doctor said maybe he was wrong, Swann was ready to go. Swann then talked about being ready to claim the empty spot for the vacant Impact World Championship. He pinned Young, and was ready continue on in the match, but jealously and hatred got the best of Young. Swann says after the attack, he's right back where he was, in that orthopedic office. This time the doctor says if Swann gets back in the ring, his life could change, he won't live a normal life if he continues wrestling.

Swann continues that he has to think about his family and his future, so he's going to have to retire. Swann thanks everyone who supported him, and all the wrestlers in the back who busted their ass. "It's been a good 15 years, I hope I made a lasting impact not only in this company, but in this industry." A big chunk of the locker room comes out and gives their support to Swann. They pound away on the mat as he looks on. He heads out of the ring, tearing up a bit. He's helped out of the ring by some of his friends. Swann makes his way up the ramp on his own. He turns around to look at everyone at the ring. Young then runs out and knocks him to the ground. He grabs a crutch and smacks Swann over his busted ankle! The wrestlers run up and Young runs off. Edwards and Mack check on Swann who is not only in pain, but incredibly enraged. Edwards calls for help as the show closes.