During the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross covered the SummerSlam 2000 PPV where the TLC match debuted and The Rock defeated Kurt Angle and Triple H in the main event for the WWF Championship.

Ross also talked about one of the other matches on the show being Taz vs. his commentating partner Jerry Lawler. During the build up to the match, JR was involved in the story, being humiliated by Taz multiple times. JR was asked if he would be involved in any storylines like that in AEW.

“It ain’t going to happen in AEW soon or later,” Ross said. “That ship has sailed. There’s no f–king way that JR is going to get involved physically in another wrestling angle. We have talents that need to get over. I do not need to get over, I am not going to get in the ring under any circumstance. I’m 68 years old, let’s be realistic here.

“Tony Khan is too smart. Our focus is on getting talents over in AEW, not announcers. I appreciate that philosophy from the boss.”

Ross noted how he was not the best person to be put on television in angles. He said he felt awful for taking away television time from other talents and that it should never happen.

“The stress for me to get in the ring was the most intense stress that I have ever encountered in my life in pro wrestling. I wasn’t good at it. I didn’t think I could run the plays that the guys wanted me to run, everyone I got in the ring with had to dumb down their game to accommodate me. I didn’t think that was right.

Ross also mentioned how during the build to that match, he had glass stuck in his eye that could have caused lifelong damage to his vision. He said that he shouldn’t have been involved in any wrestling angles or storylines and that him almost losing his vision is a clear reason why.

“I’m sure somebody backstage enjoyed me bleeding,” Ross said. “The thing about that deal was we didn’t rehearse that scene. When the glass broke, I got multiple pieces of glass shards in my eye and I was taken to the hospital after that. I was luckier than s–t I didn’t have vision issues.

“Why am I involved in this horse sh**? You know why, Vince [McMahon] liked it. Those around Vince, just like they are today, if Vince likes it, that’s the only reason you need to do it. It may be the s–ts, it may be what you don’t want to do, but you’re powerless. What he wants to do is done, end of story.”

JR continued to discuss being involved in wrestling angles. Ross talked about how the ratings were always up when he was on screen and that fans were bought into his character.

“The minute by minute ratings influence everybody in a different way,” Ross said. “It can be a career maker, or a career killer. In my case, the minute by minutes where JR got into trouble or deep water, the fans had an emotional investment in that character, and they stayed tuned in. Some talents didn’t draw those minute by minute successes. I think that’s why my fat ass was thrown in the deep water more often than not.”

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