During the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross went back and rewatched the infamous “Milk-O-Mania” episode of Monday Night RAW in 2001. Ross talked about the Invasion angle, his views on why it was a failure, and how he believed turning Stone Cold Steve Austin heel was a massive mistake. He also talked about how his commentary has been taken out of several clips on the WWE Network. Ross referred to that as a clear sign that WWE and Vince McMahon truly believe AEW is a legit threat to the company.

“I smile in a wiseass way when I watch stuff on WWE and they’ve gone back and edited out all of my commentary on a lot of things,” Ross said. “That’s a lot of work for what it’s for. Who gives a sh**, who cares?”

“I don’t understand that. How do you do some of [Stone Cold Steve Austin’s] great moments and some of these other guys without using the sound bits that the company told? Well, he’s with [AEW] now. That tells me AEW’s existence is very prominent in WWE. We’re not going to put them out of business. I don’t even know if it’s really a war.”

Ross also named one of the former WWE superstars and producers he’d like to see join AEW to help some of the younger talent.

“I’d love to see Lance Storm doing something in AEW,” Ross said. “I think he’s a good citizen, a good professional, Lance is a good man. I think he’d get to really help a lot of our talents.”

Matt Hardy was one of the memorable debuts that happened in AEW during the pandemic, when he appeared on Dynamite to confront Chris Jericho. Ross talked about what he’d like to see from Hardy in AEW.

“I’d like to see Matt be more utilized in AEW,” JR said. “I think those days are coming.”

Ross also talked about William Regal and how he had to help him keep his job with WWE. He also mentioned how valuable he thinks Regal is to NXT.

“How great was William Regal?” Ross said. “We never had an assignment for Regal; that that son of a gun didn’t take to the house. Absolutely amazing. I have a lot of time for him. I was really in his corner, we really had to go to the wall with Vince to get him to stay there because of some drugs and alcohol abuse. But we helped him, we didn’t turn our back on him. He may be the most valuable player in NXT. He’s out there looking at a lot of indie talents.”

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